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Le bulletin du Gouverneur Juin 2012.pdf

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Le Bulletin des Relations Publiques du Gouverneur André GBADOE
(Publié en Mai 2011)
Le Gouverneur Elu du District 403 A2

Lion Gloria LASSEY

Advisor and currently 2nd Vice Governor. I
have been a Melvin Jones Fellow since 1998
and a Progressive Melvin Jones Fellow since
2007. I am a District Trainer trained in
Madagascar in 2008. I am a recipient of
several Lions awards from my Club, the
District and the International Association of
Lions Clubs.
2. The District will be divided, could you
discuss this issue and tell us what your
thoughts are about this?

Gouverneur Elu 2012/2013
District 403 A2

1.Vice Governor, could you introduce
yourself and tell us who you are?
I am Gloria Esi Lassey born on 1st March 1959
in Ghana. I am a divorced mother of three
adult children; Dinah 26, Roger 23 and
Andrew 21. A professional Marketing person
and Business Administrator by training, I am
the Managing Director of Diva Ghana Limited.
I was inducted into the Lome Soleil Lioness
Club in February1991. In 1992 when the
doors were opened for Lionesses in Africa to
become Lions my Club was not readily
prepared for the whole Club to become a Lions
Club so a few of us who were ready to take up
the challenge were transferred to Lome Ave. In
January 1993 my family had to relocate to
Accra. I continued attending my Club
meetings in Lome till November 1993 when I
requested for a transfer to the newly charted
Accra Diamond Lions Club. I served in
various capacities at the Club level and became
President in 2000-2001. From 2001- 2002 to
date I have served in the District Cabinet as
Deputy Protocol, Zone Chairman,
Commissioner, Region Chairman, Governor’s

The division of the District I believe has both
pros and cons. First of all, it will reduce the
pressure on a single Governor having to
traverse the very long geographic expanse of
the entire District. It will also help focus on
membership development and drive since the
Governor will have less Clubs to supervise.
In addition the division will help expand Clubs
in Anglophone countries like Liberia, Sierra
Leone and possibly the Gambia. It will
promote more efficiency in Club
Administration since the Governor will have a
lot more time to concentrate on monitoring of
Clubs’ performances. On the flipside the
division will reduce contact opportunity among
Lions in the District, in reduced
communication and affect camaraderic among
3. Do you have any particular wishes?
I will wish that more opportunity will be
developed to enable the various sub-divisions
to interact more frequently so that friendship
built over the years are not affected. There
could be joint activities and joint projects
involving all Clubs in all the divisions.
4. Any event which has had great impact on
you since you became a Lion?
There have been a few but I would say the one
that has always remained with me was the
experience of my first District Convention in
1991. A newly inducted Lioness I decided to
participate in the District Convention in
Reunion Island. We were originally to have

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