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Mauritius Tour in 3 days 3 stages 

1st day
2nd day


   1st stage : 90Km
   2nd stage : 70 Km
   3rd stage : 80 Km

12th October 2012
13th October 2012
14th October 2012

Leader boards


Women 30 years and older
Men 50 to 59 years
Men 60 years older

Men 30 to 39 years
Men 40 to 49 years

Note : You will change of category if you are celebrating your birthday during the race in 2012.
Example : If you are a man of 49 years and that your birthday is November 15th, 2012, you will compet in group B. Be sure if you register
in the right category because once the competition started, you could not change anymore.

The winner of each group will win a week in the LUX Hotel half board including
airfare, situated close to exceptional beaches of Mauritius.

Entry Fee
If you make your registration before the 31st July your entry fee will be of R600. If you register after the
31st July it will be R1000.

If you want to stay hotels packages are available from R5325 (see packages).


1st stage FLAT: 90Km

Friday October 12th 2012

Please note that if you don’t have transport and you live in the north of the island, a bus is available to transport participants and their bikes to the start of the first stage. This service will be charged at R150.
The bus will leave The Merville Hotel in Grand Baie at 7H45.


Saturday October 13th 2012

2nd stage HILL: 70 Km

3rd stage HILLY: 80 Km

Sunday October 14th 2012


To facilitate registration for VETS AND MASTER TOUR 2012, you can download your registration from: or you can also contact:
Do not hesitate to inquire about packages that are designed for you on this occasion!


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