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The developed application is still at the prototype stage
and still requires the correction of some bugs (especially
for the new components implemented in Skemmi). However, after this first year of study, and through the various
tools used (including the Emotiv API, easy to handle, and
the rapid prototyping software Skemmi), the application
is able to :
• Determine the number of settings present in a song ;
• Adapt itself, in real time, to the sound settings when
they are modified (song changed) ;
• Drive these settings according to signals from many
sensor ;
• Change sensor/settings assignments in real time ;
• Use the main EEPOC Expressiv suite functions ;
• Use any other input sensor.
It can therefore be used to develop artistic applications
wishing to use sensory sensors in order to modify sounds,
images, . . .
The work also provides the use of raw signals from the
sensor to allow a development-oriented to learning, motion and feelings recognition, . . . (signal processing blocks
required are almost all included in Skemmi), or the use of
any other interface which permit a maximum possibilities
and flexibility to the user.
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