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A Tribute To

Serge Gainsbourg!
Apollo Theater
New York City
December 5th 2012

Tribute Event

December 5th 2012
Apollo Theater – New York

Lulu Gainsbourg

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Scarlett Johansson

Iggy Pop

Sean Lennon


Vanessa Paradis


Johnny Depp

Rufus Wainwright

Woody Allen (on Clarinet)

Marianne Faithfull

Mathieu Chedid

Angelo Debarre

Tribute Event

December 5th 2012
Apollo Theater – New York
•  MBM will be producing the official Tribute to Serge
Gainsbourg at the famed Apollo Theater in New York.
•  We have begun the process of securing guest artists who will
accompany Lulu Gainsbourg as featured on his tribute
album as well as others who will capture the magic of
Serge’s music such as:
Vanessa Paradis | Johnny Depp | Mathieu Chedid | Iggy Pop
Ayo | Beck | Rufus Wainwright | Charlotte Gainsbourg | and more

•  Big Hassle will be handling all PR surrounding the event,
including Print & Online coverage, press invites, etc.


Tribute Event

August 2011
Hollywood Bowl - Los Angeles
•  A Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg was held last year with fabulous
guest artists and was a great success with many positive press
reviews and coverage, and strong ticket sales for a large venue.
•  The event featured great artists such as Beck, Sean Lennon,
Joseph Gordon-Levitt, and more.
•  Lulu also contributed his talents to this wonderful event by
performing some of his father’s greatest hits in what was a
memorable night for the fans. Our goal is to capture the magic
of that night for for New York City.
“The performers succeeded to bring Serge back to life”
- LA Weekly

Media & PR Plan
Big Hassle PR – New York

•  National Press Release with news placements in USA Today,
Pitchfork, Rolling Stone (Web), or Billboard (Web)
•  Long-Lead Music & Lifestyle Press with print and online
•  Bonnie & Clyde Exclusive premier partner paired with Q&A
Interview: NPR, NY Times, Pitchfork, or Rolling Stone
•  Short-Lead Music & Lifestyle Press including print and online,
key TV Interviews, Radio Syndicates, Major Dailies & Weeklies
•  National and Regional press surrounding “Tribute To Serge
Gainsbourg” with listing in top dailies, alternative weeklies, and
key blogs as well as press invites for coverage of Event.

From Gainsbourg to Lulu
US Release – September 2012

•  A heartfelt Tribute to his father in his own style by Lulu
•  Features world-class guest artists including Scarlett Johansson,
Johnny Depp & Vanessa Paradis, Iggy Pop, Mathieu Chedid,
Rufus Wainwright and more.
•  Released to critical acclaim in France in November 2011, and
signed to MBM Records/Universal in early 2012.

Scarlett Johansson & Lulu
“Bonnie & Clyde”





Bonnie & Clyde
EP Release

Complete Bonnie
& Clyde Video

Secure Online
Video Premier

LP Release

Begin PR
Campaign with
Press Release

Secure First PR
Interviews with
Online & Print

Secure secondary
Lifestyle & Music
Press Interviews

Secure Exclusive
LP Premier

Finalize US Press
Photos of Lulu


Secure Video
Director & Prod.

Secure TV

Secure Online
Lifestyle and
Music Press
Album Reviews


Tribute to Serge
Gainsbourg Event

Bonnie & Clyde Video


feat. Scarlett Johansson & Lulu Gainsbourg
•  Creation of Story and Treatment
•  Live Shooting
•  Post Production Animation

Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg
•  Apollo Theater
•  Production & Backline
•  Musicians
•  Travel & Expenses
•  MBM Production Fee


Sponsorship Opportunities
MBM is looking for sponsorship partners for the following opportunities:
Scarlett & Lulu: Product Placement In Music Video
o  Video will be worked by Big Hassle to all PR outlets including:
Major Music & Lifestyle Press
Major Music Blogs / Dailies & Weeklies
Exclusive Online Media Partner for Premier Stream

“A Tribute to Serge Gainsbourg” – Live in NY
o  Event will also be promoted by PR
o  We will be holding dates at the Apollo Theater
o  We will have a entire roster of Celebrity Musicians as guests to accompany

Sponsorship Opportunities
Platinum | $350,000
•  Product Placement in Bonnie & Clyde Video with Scarlett Johansson & Lulu
•  Lead Presenter Status
•  100 Reserved VIP Seats
•  Logo on Advertising and Promotion Materials
•  Limousine Transportation To and From Event
•  Lead Presenter for Private Afterparty for 100 VIP Guests & Artists

Gold | $100,000
•  50 Reserved VIP Seats
•  Access to Afterparty
•  Logo on Advertising and Promotion Materials
•  Limousine Transportation To and From Event

Sponsorship Opportunities
Silver | $50,000
•  20 Reserved VIP Seats
•  Access to Afterparty
•  Logo on Advertising and Promotion Materials
•  Limousine Transportation To and From Event

Junior | $15,000
•  10 Reserved VIP Seats
•  Access to Afterparty
•  Logo on Advertising and Promotion Materials
•  Limousine Transportation To and From Event

Sponsorship Benefits
Benefits of Sponsorship


Sponsor will be the official presenter of the “Tribute to
Serge Gainsbourg” NYC Event

Prominent Product Placement in Bonnie & Clyde Video
featuring Scarlett Johansson & Lulu Gainsbourg

Sponsor will be an “in conjunction with” partner
Most prominent name and logo placement on all printed
materials related to event (Flyers, Invitations, etc)




Prominent name and logo placements on all printed
materials related to event
Prominent Sponsor name recognition in all press
releases related to event

Name recognition in all press releases related to event
Priority VIP Seating at Venue

Preferred VIP Seating at Venue
Photo Opportunity with Celebrity Guest Artists

Lucien Gainsbourg, known affectionately today as Lulu, was born on January 5, 1986. He is the Son
of Serge Gainsbourg, the iconic French artist, and Bambou (actress, model and singer). He is halfbrother to world-renowned actress and singer Charlotte Gainsbourg. His family ties have thrust Lulu
into the limelight, and as a young and upcoming artist himself, he is now ready to be the new
generation of Gainsbourg and make a name for himself in the US as a diverse artist with a great
musical ability and lots of creativity to give.
Lulu was only 270 days old when his father composed a song called “Lulu”, which was sung by his
mother, Bambou. In 1988, Serge Gainsbourg performed his last live tour “The Zenith” and his son
Lulu, who was two at the time, came on stage for a song his father had written for him, called “Hey
men, Amen”. Lulu was finally introduced to the French public. On March 2, 1991, Lulu’s father
passed away and since his father’s death, Lulu has often appeared in magazines, interviews as well as
on TV shows as a new representative for his great family. Throughout his youth, Lulu’s mother deeply
encouraged him to study music. Lulu started playing piano when he was five years old and later
attended the Music Conservatory of Paris at the age of eight. There, he studied piano and solfeggio for
many years under the direction of Annick Chartreux as a teacher during his studies in high school,
where he played with the orchestra and choir for four years.

After spending time in London, Lulu came back to Paris to participate in a tribute concert
to Serge Gainsbourg where he played a Beethoven piece ( June 2007). Lulu was then
accepted into the Berklee College of Music for the Fall 2007. Lulu began to show interest
in composing his own music and while attending Berklee in Spring 2008, he composed a
song for a friend who needed a piece of music for a steeplechase challenge. In January
2009, Lulu composed a song for Marc Lavoine, a French singer and actor – which
appeared on Marc’s album released in September 2009. Lulu also contributed to his sister’s
second album, a stunning collaboration with Beck.
Now a graduate of Berklee, Lulu has put together a heartfelt tribute to his father as an
introduction of his musical talents into the world, “From Gainsbourg to Lulu”. After a
hugely successful release in France, Lulu is now permanently living in New York and ready
to spread his new legacy in the US.

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