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The Ambrosini Tower

Located in 563/19 , this tower allows the family which possesses it to win 10 % of additional respect with
all constructions, trainings, etc. …

For going on, you have one icon with the family’s colors which possesses it (On this screenshot, it’s our
family (Corleone), that possess the Tower! )
We must keep it !
To keep it, it’s essential to send 1 thug (no more), and when the thug will dead, replaced it immediately by
another thug (it’s will be the shield, don’t give respect points for the attacker and use 1 AO’s attacker !)
When the tower is attacked, the attacker fights only the last reinforcement, not the totality of the troops
present inside!
If we are 50 Crew member to reinforce the tower, the attacker will need 50 waves of attacks (50 AO !) to
take back it !

I hope that you will have understood the utility and the functioning of the Tower and I am really sorry for
my little english !

*** Write by ‘Stan’, ‘Consigliere’ Crew, ‘Barone’ Server ***

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