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On June 25th, 2012, a last election closed the
intense political period started six months ago
with the beginning of the presidential campaign,
followed by the presidential ballot and the
legislative elections: on this very day the National
Assembly elected its President.

While the French institutions can now resume and
demonstrate the continuity of France’s democracy,
this new start is to occur in a fully renewed political
landscape highly dominated by the Socialist Party (PS),
as stressed by the recent victory of its champion, new
French Republic President François Hollande, who
was elected on June 6th, 2012 with 51.56% of votes
against former “Super President” Nicolas Sarkozy.

Although François Hollande may seem to concentrate
all powers in his own hands with a clear majority in
all the key institutions - ranging from every level of
local councils to the two parliamentary chambers (the
Senate and the National Assembly) - no other President
of the Fifth French Republic had so little margin to take
decisions and run the country. The economic crisis
(with its management complexity for France caused
by the Government’s difficult relationships with some
of its European strategic partners), the public high
expectations (on unemployment, purchasing power,
security or housing) and the French domestic industry
and SMEs’ need for support will surely turn the next five
years into a real challenge for the new majority (which
might face both social unrest and political crisis).

Under such circumstances and in order to provide some
initial background to our clients in France and abroad,
we have attempted to simply lay out the new French
political scene in this document: who are tomorrow’s
decision makers? What are their backgrounds?
What are their structuring positions on education,
environment, defense, energy, manufacturing, tax
policies, etc.?

Arnaud Pochebonne, Managing Director
Weber Shandwick France

We hope that you will find some practical answers to these
questions in the present booklet.



Weber Shandwick Paris - Public Affairs Practice - June 2012