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PolytecSousse/ DG-BGTH

Analysis of stability of the dyke and interpretation of the data
auscultation of Tine dam
This work has for object the verification of the stability (slope and foundation) and the
interpretation of data auscultation. The use of adequate method is needed of analysis at best
Tine dam.
The stability methods of the dyke are mainly the following: Fellinius’s method, Bishop’s
method and finite element’s method. In this study, Talren software, whit Bishop’s method to
stability analysis in three cases:
 End construction;
 Normal operation;
 And fast draining.
For the entire dam, Solvia software has been used to simulate the behavior of the structure
subjected to various stresses by the finite method. These studies gave satisfactory results.
The interpretation of auscultation’s data allows increased surveillance and allows designers to
be able to adjust if necessary in this stage of construction.
Indeed, the different numerical analyzes and the interpretation of auscultation data were used
to support the dam Tine.

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