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The Military Diver’s Watch – A Revisionist View by JAMES DOWLING

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The history of these early Panerai watches is shrouded in myth, legend and downright falsehood; although this might not be the place, I
will try & clear up some of this before continuing. The 3646 did not spring unbidden from the minds of either Panerai, the Italian Navy
or Rolex, its origins are in a watch I know of only from a 1936 catalogue; the Rolex reference 2533. This was an oversized Oyster, using a
regular pocket watch movement (note the continuous seconds dial at ‘9’), most likely from Cortebert, it had a silvered dial with large
Arabic luminous numerals. This in turn is a direct descendent of one of the most unusual variants of the Rolex Oyster ever made, the
Oyster Pocket Watch. Made only for a few years in the late 1920s the Oyster Pocket watch was an oversized Oyster Cushion with screwed

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