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CONTACT PRESSE : Accès Presse – Anne KRAMEL (06 25 45 01 00) – Claire FIORI (06 25 45 87 57)
CONTACT ORGANISATION : Raphaël FILIPPI (06 09 85 96 45) – Philippe BRU (06 08 78 27 09)


Press release

Searching for a way to bring together sliding down on a river to the beach-attitude, to large
world-urban-cities... It only took to locate the proper place and the right media. Following
immense first edition success, the city of Lyon and Stand Up Paddle was found to be the perfect
match for a perfect mix!
So, it is in Lyon, on the Rhone river, on the 8th and 9th of September 2012, that will take place
the second edition of this very successful concept "SUP in Town - Urban Stand Up Paddle
Race & Water Moments”.

An international sporting event, a must go event,
for this brand new sport & fitness venue ...
Over a single weekend, more than 200 competitors,
professional and amateur, men and women, and teenagers,
have an appointment with the Rhone river, oars in hand, or
paddles at their feet. Coming from all around the world, big
names in SUP and windsurf will be side by side with sport
enthusiasts for this new sport, to bring a massive gathering
SUP-fans, right in front of “Hotel Dieu”, in the heart of
downtown Lyon.

As for the venue details… it will be a great mix of very
unheard off races challenges, very entertaining, very
competitive, very enduring that are in the agenda. They
are open to all, using a very simple registration facility.
Another highlight expected will be with demo and racechallenges for the new "Town in" event, a surfboard
towed by speedboat or jet ski, on Saturday night from
19:00, of course absolutely reserved to trained sport professional.
The public will also have the opportunity to have a go at “SUP Technics” and fall in love with these
new sensations, in a few “Discovery Workshops” supervised by professional instructors and
under the advice of some "pro riders". Spread the word!

Two days to have a go at “Stand Up Paddle” and
turn it up side down!
The OPEN DE LYON is definitely a public event where
professionals and amateurs will be on the Rhone river... but
also on firm land at “the Partner’s Village", who will take
possession of the river banks on both days.
This showcase for practice and skills of SUP, should allow
the public to get closer and check on what a SUP board
looks like, discover trends and new equipment of that sport,
or come to meet aficionados and stars of this sport, in a
festive surrounding, friendly and welcoming.

Stand Up, a sport that is riding the wave green...
The SUP is definitely a non-polluting environment friendly sport,
requiring only the use of a board propelled by a paddle. It is
sourced at the way Polynesians use to move around, nowadays, it
simply allows to fun on water, be that of surfing waves,
peacefully stride around bays, and discover natural wonders.

In order to further highly the importance of
protecting the environment and saving the earth in
participant’s mind, the Surfrider Foundation,
which works to protect oceans, seas, shores and
rivers, will be present in the "The Village" of
OPEN DE LYON to unveil his projects and
multiple commitments.
Also "Beach Concepts", organizer of the OPEN DE
LYON, will also provide various actions on the site
like garbage pickup or waste recycling collection.



Anne KRAMEL (06 25 45 01 00) – akramel@accespresse.fr
Claire FIORI (06 25 45 87 57) – cfiori@accespresse.fr
Raphaël FILIPPI (06 09 85 96 45) – filippiraphael@aol.com
Philippe BRU (06 08 78 27 09) – pbru@beachconcepts.org

Stand Up Paddle, newest sports !
Although called “last born”… this is least certain certain.
Originally, the Polynesians were moving around, standing
up, on big timber boards propelling themselves with a
paddle. Their goal was: to explore and do trading in their
lagoons and archipelagoes.

In 2005, the famous Hawaiian Waterman Laird Hamilton
presented the SUP, in a renewed style, bringing a more modern
and more pragmatic approach. He surfs today with his big
board and paddle, always pushing further the limits of his
exploration, by facing waves higher and higher and more
SUP generates many other forms of popular trends. For many
years now, SUP races and competitions have multiplied, here and
there, taking over even many odd places in urban sceneries.
Large cities and major urban areas across rivers are real targets
for SUP event organizers. Cities such as Hamburg, Paris, Lyon. However, SUP is also (and must
also be) a fun way to “ride waters”, have fun, that be over waves or still waters, just for a stroll or
a ride…

The Organizing Committee
As any major events, “OPEN DE LYON” has its own history.
To kick start such an idea, one has to be born with one foot on
the water, the second in a busy urban area. This is exactly
what happened to Raphael Filippi, the sponsor of the OPEN
The "gone" Raphael grew up between basket ball passion from
his father, playing at the ASVEL sporting association, and that
of his mother, with her native Mediterranean intoxicating
fragrance iodine. "Raph" very quickly drift away from basket
ball, and totally addict himself for every pleasures of skiing.
Highly skilled windsurfer, surfer, "SUP’er", this typical “try-it-all” is permanently buzzing around.
After a memorable ride from Lyon to Carro port (near Martigues, on the Mediterranean sea) on a
SUP board, in 2010 (awesome!!!) Raph wants to go one step further (as usual). His love for this
fantastic city which is Lyon, doubled up with his SUP passion, has drawn him to do this fantastic
and magnificient project.

Production: Beach Concepts
They are highly specialized into creating Monster Venues. They are especially good at organizing
sailing events. "Concepts Beach" made available to The OPEN DE LYON their 25 years of
experience and expertise in the organization of mass events. "Concepts Beach" is the organizer of
the Challenge including Wind, the biggest global event that brings together each year Windsurfing
1000 competitors in Carcassonne, in the land of wind.

Lyon, the image of a clean city
Worldwide renowned for its gastronomy, Lyon is also known to
benefit from some of the most beautiful European natural parks
and gardens. With the recent renovation of the Rhone river
banks, the "Confluence" and the extraordinary cleaning, face lift
and grooming its docks, the city of Lyon has brought to light the
phenomenal sporting potential and natural beauty of the Rhone
It is quite obvious that the OPEN DE LYON found here, a
playground and a place of expression to match its ambitions.
The show will be even grander ...


Fiche d’identité de l’Open de Lyon

OPEN DE LYON – Urban Stand Up Paddle Race & Water Moments




Transforms Berges du Rhône in urban beach




Annuelle, deuxième WE de Septembre


8 & 9 September 2012, from 10:00


LYON, Rhone river embarkement, the bear Pit


Open to pro and amateur. Pitted the best cracks on the planet.
Distance: 2, 5, 10 and 30 km.


The newest sports! Major advantages: the speed of learning, the
pleasure of skiing easier, discover new sensations and new places
and physical benefits are indisputable. "The sport of Mr.
Everybody! "


When the Snow arrives in town! Close to the public. Over 200
participants involved. Each year, an unprecedented parade's show
Water and Bikini Contest


International meeting, both prestigious and popular.


Many and backgrounds. 20,000 people is the estimate of affected
public in 2011.



The Clip of the Open de Lyon : http://vimeo.com/29336784
Magazine and ITV video Get Up : http://vimeo.com/29099284
www.facebook.com/Open de Lyon

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