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White Sands

National Park Service
U.S. Department of the Interior
White Sands National Monument

Ordering Your Copy of A Land in Motion
A Land in Motion captures the brilliant beauty of this ever-shifting landscape and takes you on
a journey through the processes that produced this natural marvel. Experience the awe and
wonder of the world’s largest gypsum dunefield as the film reveals stories of the plants, animals, and people that have carved out a niche in this enchanted land hidden away in southern
New Mexico.
In May 2012, A Land in Motion won the prestigious Best of Government Agencies Merit
Award for Cinematography and now you can take a copy of this wonderful film home. The
DVD is available for purchase through the Western National Parks Association bookstore in
the visitor center or through the mail. The price of the DVD is $12.00 plus shipping.

How to Order:
Simply fill out the form on the next page along with your payment information. You can then
return it to us in one of two ways:
1. Fax: Fax the completed form to us at (575) 479-1116.
2. Mail: Return the completed form to us at:
Anette Dunshee, WNPA Bookstore Manager
White Sands National Monument
P.O. Box 1086
Holloman AFB, NM 88330
Credit card numbers and other personal information are not retained after the purchase is
completed. All forms will be shredded and discarded securely.
If you have any questions regarding purchasing the DVD, please contact us at (575) 479-6124
ext. 236.

The National Park Service preserves, protects, and promotes the many faces of America. For more information on White Sands National Monument,
visit our website at www.nps.gov/whsa.

WNPA Site Mail/Telephone Order
Site Name

Order taken by

Date taken

Are you a WNPA member?
(Offer discount to members. If
not a member, explain discount
benefits of membership)

Ship Date

Billing Address

Shipping Address












Item #


Special Instructions/Notes:

Standard Shipping and Handling:
If the order totals:

The shipping cost is:

Special Shipping and Handling:
Standard plus $12
Standard plus $30
Alaska, Hawaii,
Canada & Mexico:
Standard plus $12



Less member
discount of 15%:

Up to $15.00
$15.01 to $25
$25.01 to $50
$50.01 to $100
$100.01 & up
FREE (individual buyers only, within the 48 contiguous states)

Method of Payment:


Sales Tax:

Order Total:
Important: Full 16 digit credit card account numbers cannot be retained. After
account number is entered for payment, remove and destroy the portion of this
form below the dotted line. Retain this form for thirty days after mail order is
shipped .

Credit Card #
Exp. date:
Authorized Signature:
(If Applicable)

CVV Code:

Verify credit card information &
obtain telephone number.
Revised 5/08

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