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Petrofac is a multinational contracting company providing the entire gamut of services ranging from
Development and Financing, Engineering & Construction through to Operation, Maintenance and Training for
the Oil & Gas industry through its three main divisions Petrofac Resources, Petrofac (E&C) and Petrofac
Operations Services.
Petrofac International Ltd., a part of Petrofac (E&C), the oil & gas (surface facilities) engineering and
construction arm of Petrofac, requires fresh engineering graduates completing their degree in summer 2010
(those with 1 year or less experience, or those completing post graduation may also apply) for its
engineering offices in the UAE and for its project sites in the Middle East Asia including the Gulf region,
Africa and the Caspian region, in the following disciplines:

Chemical engineering
Mechanical engineering
Electrical engineering
Civil & Environmental engineering

Please refer to the attached company profile for more information about the company and its operations.
These job vacancies offer career development opportunities in a rewarding sector that represents a major
element of the Middle East region economies.
Candidates with high level of English language competency, consistently high academic record and belonging
overall to the top 20% of their respective disciplines, may only apply by email to the following address no
later than January 10, 2011:
The application should include the following:

A covering letter describing why they are interested in this engineering field
A copy of their Grade Reports / Mark Sheets (Grades till date if the final grades are not yet available)
Final / provisional graduation certificate (s), if available
A brief personal resume detailing academic and extra-curricular
Achievements and Project Work
One passport size photograph
Short listed candidates will be advised by email on the timing and venue of their selection tests /
interviews / Petrofac Presentation which tentatively will take place as per below:
Place: Ecole Nationale Polytechnique
Date of the Presentation: 6th of December 2010
Dates of Tests and Interviews: 25th & 26 of January 2011

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