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Actually – it IS rocket science!
The C2 range has been designed in conjunction with Danny
Moeskops – World Distance Casting Champion (1997 –
2010) and a dedicated carp angler for over 20 years.
The basis of the design is Command (the ability to store energy in the rod and
deliver distance) & Control (the ability to apply manageable pressure in the
battle curve particularly in the final stage of successfully bringing a fish to the
net). Danny has set distance casting
• Century HPR
records on Fuji K guides and he
(Hi Performance Resin)
recommends the s40 configuration.
• Reduced Moment of Inertia
for distance casting
• 1K-1K woven carbon to
1st ring on top section

• Sealed in long life, low
scratch PTFE finish
• Shrink rubber/EVA
hybrid butt grip
• Custom laser graphics.
g p
• Alps frosted titanium reel seat
• Fuji SiC anti tangle K guides

There are two primary material component parts to a fishing rod blank:
the carbon fibre and the resin system. The fibre governs the action and
strength and the resin system carries the loads between the fibres. HPR is
based on a 3M™ Resin system which is fortified with quantum particles of
silica that delivers considerable additional strength to a well designed rod
without adding extra carbon fibre or weight. Century’s testing indicates a
rod incorporating this system is 65% stronger, can be up to 25% lighter and
will withstand a far higher level of bending and loading compared to a rod
built with a conventional resin system. When the HPR system is processed
inside an autoclave – a curing process which is unique to Century, the
results are further enhanced. This combination of new resin technology
and enhanced curing in an autoclave generates a rod that will resist fatigue
and action decay, give substantial improvements in strength and resist
incidental knocks far more than conventional resin systems.
The new Century Command & Control is available in 4 distinct models.

Model llustrated
13' 3.50lb T/C

• 12’ 2.75lb
• 12’ 3.25lb
• 12’ 3.50lb
• 13’ 3.50lb

Fuji SiC K Guides 40-12
Fuji SiC K Guides 40-12
Fuji SiC K Guides 40-12
Fuji SiC K Guides 40-12

sur commande
sur commande
en stock
sur commande

12’ 2.75lb and 3.25lb T/C for ranges upto 130 metres.
12’ & 13’ 3.50lb T/C for ranges 150+ metres