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First of all, I would like to apologize for disturbing you, and also for my bad English (I am
French). You may find some mistakes in the text, so please forgive.
I am contacting you because I need help to organize THE BIGGEST FAN ACTION ever done for an
artist. If you don’t want to know about it, you just have to close the document, BUT if you want to be
part of it by helping us or if you are just too curious, take a minute an read this :

Name of the Action : Military walk of the Hiddleston’s Army

When :

THOR 2 : The Dark World London Premiere

Where : London, I don’t know yet exactly where, but if you decide to help me, you will tell me, so I
can contact the organizers to ask for help, and schedule the arriving !

What :
I would like to gather 100 fans of Tom dressed in a Loki Style (green T-shirt, black trousers, shoes and
jacket, and gold jewelry). I will ask them to walk in a military style and when we arrive we will tell
“LOKI’D” then we will let white balloons escape from our hands and say “You’ve been Loki’d again”

Why :

We want him to know, definitely, once for all, that we support him. It would be a great

surprise for him (I hope so!) and a good free promotion for him.

Training : I will ask the fans to arrive early in the morning so they could learn how to walk in a
Military style. We would have some “rehearsal” in order to be perfect when the time comes to do it
for real !

SPONSORS : I also would like to contact some companies (if you decide to help us, YOU will choose
which ones to contact)to have T-shirts (with Tom’s name on it and of course the name’s brand) so
everyone would have the same clothe).
Of course, there will be someone there to take pictures and videos about the “rehearsal” and the Fan
Action !
This also could be a wonderful entertainment for the Premiere if it could be officially planned.
More about me: I am a French girl, 25years old. I am used to organize Fan actions for 5 years now. But this one
would be the biggest ever!

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