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A MESSAGE FROM Matthew O’Connell

GeoEye had another outstanding year in 2010. We reached a series of important
milestones, making 2010 a pivotal year in our evolution as a company.

Our performance in 2010 provided a

Expand our satellite constellation.

Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)

solid foundation for realizing this objec-

As part of our new $3.8 billion

awarded us a $3.8 billion, 10-year

tive. GeoEye produced revenues of

EnhancedView contract with the NGA,

contract. That award clearly demon-

$330.3 million in 2010, representing

the agency will provide up to $337.0

strates the value of our business model

growth of 21.9% over the previous

million for construction costs on our

and gives us years of revenue visibility.

year. The Com­pany’s Adjusted EBITDA

next-generation satellite, GeoEye-2.

We launched EyeQ, an exciting new

was $176.9 million, up 33.9% from

When operational in 2013, GeoEye-2

Web services platform that has already

2009. Our strong operating perfor-

will deliver the industry’s most accurate

increased demand for and facilitated

mance resulted in an increase in our

and highest resolution satellite imagery.

distribution of our high-resolution

operating margins to 31.4%, up from

This program is on time and on budget.

imag­ery. Finally, we completed a strate-

26.8% in 2009.

Our largest customer, the National

gic acquisition that enhances our portfolio and diversifies the customer base
in our core vertical markets. GeoEye
is now poised to become one of the
world’s leading providers of geospatial
information and insight.


Increase accessibility to our industry-

Today, GeoEye offers decision makers

leading imagery. Our new Web-based

a precise view of changes around the

information services platform, EyeQ,

globe, deep location analytics and the

can serve up imagery and other layers

ability to access specific information on

of geospatial information on demand.

demand. Four strategic goals that we

Our customers see in EyeQ an opportu-

developed in 2010 will ensure our

nity to increase their competitiveness

leadership in these areas:

and enhance the value of the services
they provide their clients.

A History of Success






company founded

Launch of

Launch of
IKONOS satellite

Wins $500M
NGA NextView

Acquires Space

Begins trading


Please refer to page 34 of the Form 10-K for a description of Adjusted EBITDA.