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2010 Annual Report

Diversify our customer base. We

convertible preferred stock to Cerberus

Thanks to our investment in advanced

acquired SPADAC, which we renamed

Satellite LLC, generating proceeds

technology and our emphasis on financial

GeoEye Analytics, expanding our port-

of $78.0 million. We also issued

performance, GeoEye is now a leading

folio of services to include geospatial

$125.0 million of senior secured notes

end-to-end provider of geospatial​​

predictive analytics. For many years, our

at 8.625% due in 2016. As a result, we

information and insight with revenue

largest government customer, the NGA,

ended 2010 with unrestricted cash and

over $330.0 million. With our robust

has represented a substantial majority

short-term investments of $333.4 million.

pipeline of breakthrough products,

of our business. Even as we grow and
strengthen this important relationship,
GeoEye Analytics’ specialized expertise
provides the opportunity to enter new
customer markets including law enforcement and homeland defense.

In addition, we created new positions
that raised the profile of sales, marketing
and product integration and filled these
positions with experienced senior exec-

strong financial foundation, experienced
leadership team and diverse customer
base, we are well positioned for even
greater success in the next decade.

utives who came to us from firms like

I would like to thank our stockholders

Cisco, Oracle and other enterprise solu-

for their confidence in the Company.

Maintain market leadership by

tion companies. They are well equipped

I would also like to thank our highly

introducing differentiating value-

to drive our continued success in the

skilled employees. Over the years, they

added products and services. In

government market and to help us pur-

have maintained an intense focus on

2010, we created a new vessel tracking

sue commercial growth opportunities in

meeting our customers’ needs. They

and fleet monitoring system for the

such areas as oil and gas, infrastructure,

have created the culture of operational

Republic of the Maldives. We also

engineering and mining.

excellence and innovation that has been

developed a number of services based
on our predictive analytic and data
mining tools for U.S. defense and
intelligence agencies.

Finally, we targeted new regions for

vital to our success.

growth. We made investments that will
expand our geographic reach in Russia,
India and Latin America.

To reinforce our ability to achieve these
strategic goals, GeoEye took a number
of significant steps to strengthen
our balance sheet. We completed a
private placement of 80,000 shares of

A decade ago, GeoEye was a small

Matthew M. O’Connell
CEO and President

company with revenue of just $9.0
million and a goal of delivering satellite
imagery of unprecedented quality.







Market Cap
of $268.3M
the week of
September 15th

Acquires MJ
Harden (aerial

Launch of

Wins $3.8B NGA


Market Cap
of $1.05B
the week of
November 9th