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A Guilt-Free Ramadan?
Want to have a guilt-free Ramadan? A Ramadan where you don’t gain weight from overeating at iftars,
don’t miss a single suhoor so you’re not tired the next day at work, actually finish reading the Qur’an during
the month, pray all your taraweeh/Nawafil prayers (and of course, obligatory prayers) on time and in perfect
concentration, focus on ibadaat intensely in the last nights of Ramadan instead of going on a crazy
shopping frenzy for Eid?
Sounds impossible, right?
Let’s find out. Read on.
If only you had started earlier…
Each Ramadan you tell yourself the exact same words.
“If only I started preparing for Ramadan earlier…”
“If only I did my Eid shopping before Ramadan began...”
“If only I practiced praying Tahajjud prayers and waking
up before Fajr…”
“If only I had learned more about fasting so I’m not stuck
with random unanswered questions...”


30 Tips for a Guilt-Free Ramadan!

And what’s the result of this procrastination? Check out
the story below and see if it sounds familiar (maybe a bit
too familiar).
He was so happy to hear the radio announcement that
Ramadan had arrived! His eyes filled with tears and his
heart was soaring – ‘Alhamdulillah,’ he said. ‘Allah Ta’ala
has blessed me to live to reach another Ramadan.’