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Sound familiar?
The above story is a fictional story of Ahmed, but it
represents the experience of many of us. We enter every
Ramadan with so much hope, then we stumble for a
couple days and we accept defeat – Ramadan ends, we
feel guilty, we tell ourselves that we will do better next
Ramadan, only to repeat the same pattern above the
next time round.
I call this the Ramadan Guilt Trip.
Before I dive into the reasons of the Ramadan guilt trip,
I want to ask you a question: in the expected life cycle of
a human being, how many Ramadans does a Muslim live
40 Ramadans? 60 Ramadans? It’s not a lot, is it? If we
don’t make the most of these Ramadans, how will we
stand in front of Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala) on the day
of Judgment when we’ll need every ounce of good deed?
Think about it.


30 Tips for a Guilt-Free Ramadan!