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About the Author
Ric Shreves is one of the founding partners of water&stone, an interactive agency

that specializes in open source web content management systems. Ric has been
building CMS websites for over 10 years and during that time he has been involved
in projects for a number of global brands, including BASF, BearingPoint, ColgatePalmolive, Tesco Lotus, FPDSavills CBRichard Ellis, Mercy Corps, and many others.
Ric has published a number of books on open source in general and on open source
content management systems in particular. Past work includes books on Mambo,
Drupal, Joomla!, and Ubuntu. This is his third installment in the Drupal Themes series
for Packt Publishing.
Ric lives in Bali with his wife and business partner, Nalisa.
I would like to thank Packt for giving me the opportunity to be a
part of the Drupal Themes series; it's been a great experience for me
and has taught me a tremendous amount about Drupal—a system
for which I have ever-increasing admiration. Writing these books
takes a tremendous amount of time; it would not be possible without
the continuing support of my wife Nalisa, who keeps things running
smoothly at water&stone while I bang away on the keyboard, so I
dedicate this book to her and the entire water&stone team.