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Hooked on country
Cabo San Lucas
Fais dodo
Beer for my horses
Western barn dance (P)
2 Hell and back
Get reel
Go mama go
Burning love
Bomshell stomp
I run to you
Asquin questions
Chica boum boum
Long long way (P)
Chill factor
Lightning polka
Cotton Eyed Joe
Irish stew
No no never
Not fair
Slipped and fell
Darlin (P)
Tush push
Wild stallion
Leaving of Liverpool
Stop crying
Mary, Mary
Celtic kittens
Rose garden
California blues
Doctor, doctor
Speak to the sky
Country roads
Lover please come back (P)
The trail
Celtic connexion
Something in the water
Galways girls
Dancing viollins
Celtic CT
Quater after one

Billy dance (P)
The world
City of New Orléans
Everbody knows
Island in the stream
Rhyme or reason – Its Happens
Knee deep
Homeward bound
Home to Louisiana
Rolling in the deep
The flute
Somewhere else
Love story
My old friend
Where I belong
Me and you (P)
Jig it up
Ballymore boys
The gambler
Mama Maria
Cripple creeks
Celtic angel
Crazy devils
Catalan up
Heart of an angel
Jacob's ladder
Wave on wave
Rock around the clock
Mexican wind (P)
cute, cute, cute
High cotton
All shook up
Bossa Nova
Bubble gum cowboy
Blue night cha
A devil in disguise
Mr rock'n roll
Oh Suzanna
Redneck woman
White rose
Looking good
Living on love
Seminole wind

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