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Section I

Executive Summary

Type of Property: Commercial Property
Location: Parque Comercial Rio Norte (Alcobendas)
Total Surface:
Shop Space:
Office Space:
Sale Price:
3.000.000 Euros
Rate of Return from Rent: aprox 6 %
Sale&Leasback contract could incorporate
a buy-option potentially adding an
additional 7%
Potential Total: 6% + 7% = 13%

Sección II

Location & description of the area

The property is situated in the Parque Comercial Rio Norte next to the neighbourhoods of La
Moraleja and Arroyo de la Vega, in the city Alcobendas. The property is rented by a La-Z-Boy
distributor and is in a highly occupied commercial park which benefits from the long term
presence of consolidated shopping centres such as Decathlon, Toys ‘R  Us or AKI.
The area in which the commercial property is found is surrounded by residential areas which have
helped to consolidate this commercial area.

Sección II

Street View of Property

Shop Interior

Shop Interior

Shop Interior

Office Space


Disclaimer & Contacts
All the information hereby enclosed in addition to the organisation of visits to the property in
question will be managed by the Institutional Clients Department.
The only objective of the present document is to offer general information to the potential buyers
on the main characteristics of this investment opportunity and is in no form or way part of the offer
or contract.
In case there is further interest we can provide, following a formal request, all the information
required for an appropiate analysis of this investment opportunity. We consider the information to
have been prepared in good faith and all that is included in this presentation with regard to
surfaces, licences, rents, etc is deemed to be correct.

Michael Martínez McGough | Associate
Agencia Astorga | Institutional Clients
 +34 91 446 37 63 |
+34 620 80 38 21 |
 |

Lola Romero| Client Services Officer
Agencia Astorga | Institutional Clients
 +34 91 446 37 96 |
 |

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