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Session Theme
Shifting the Foundations of Europe
This year it will have been exactly twenty years
since the Maastricht Treaty was signed and the
European Union was founded. However, the EU
is currently suffering from an astounding feeling
of desperation and insecurity. The Eurocrisis has
struck many European countries and has driven
some of them to the edge of disaster. Meanwhile,
countries such as Brazil, Russia and India are improving economically and for the first time in decades even Africa’s opportunities for growth seem
to be positive. This is demanding a lot from an
economically unstable Europe and national leaders are desperately trying to avoid the situation
from deteriorating even further.

Treaty of


In light of the above, questioning a sustainable European future cannot be avoided. However, finding
solutions to these issues is not an easy task. The
very fundaments of the European Union seem to
consist of weaknesses and may need to be revised.
In times like this, when some are calling the very
the purpose and viability of the European Union
into question, it is essential to determine whether
the European project should take the direction of
deepening ties and further integration, or the decentralisation of power to the national level.



Amsterdam 2012, 71st International Session of the European Youth Parliament