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Twenty years since the foundation of the European Union, it is evident that the face of Europe
will change massively in the twenty years to come.
These changes are influenced by decisions made
today and it is essential that Europe’s youth gets
a say. Our decisions will define tomorrow’s future.
Therefore, while great minds are discussing Europe’s future, so should we.
Historically, Amsterdam has been a leading city
in the areas of finance and monetary politics. It
is in Amsterdam that the first official share in the
world was offered by the Dutch East India Company (in Dutch: De Vereenigde Oost- Indische Com-



pagnie, VOC) in the year 1602. By gathering over
300 young people from all over Europe in this historically significant city, an important step will be
made in the direction of solving current European
problems. The 71st International Session of the EYP
would therefore like to encourage all participants
to envisage Europe twenty years from now. Take
a moment to consider what the European Union
should look like in 2032 in your opinion? What decisions need to be made and which steps need to
be taken to achieve your visions and ambitions for
a positive, sustainable European future?

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