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Academic Preparation
Committee Topics
As flagship events of the European Youth Parliament, International Sessions require a serious
amount of academic preparation (above and beyond what you may have done at a national level).
This means that you must have a thorough understanding of the subject matter you will be discussing during your stay in The Netherlands. Research
your topic extensively and do make sure you check
the international media on a regular basis prior to
arriving at the session. Knowing your topic inside
out will help you express and share your personal
views more effectively and generally ensure that
you have an unforgettable and meaningful experience. Be aware that during the General Assembly,
you will not only be defending your own resolu-

tion, you are also expected to actively participate
in the debates of all fourteen other resolutions.
Therefore, you are required to be completely on
top of your own topic, as well as demonstrate a
comprehensive understanding of all the other issues that are debated during the General Assembly.
You will receive the selection of topics by September. Each member of your delegation will be
asked to choose a different committee. The International EYP Office will email you a Topic Preparation Guide approximately one month prior to the
session. Once published, these materials will also
be made available on the session website: www.

Briefing Papers
Every delegate is expected to write a briefing paper on their own topic and send it to by the 20th of
October at the very latest. These briefing papers
will then be bundled per committee and published
on the session website to aid your preparation.
A briefing paper is an A4 sheet consisting of at
least 500 words, detailing the most important information you found during your research, as well
as your interpretation of the topic and your first
opinion. This is a simple method of preparation
before coming to the session in order to help you
formulate your first thoughts and opinions.
You are also expected to bring a research folder
for your own topic, containing articles, interviews,
academic papers, encyclopedic texts and any
other material you have found useful while pre-


paring for your topic. Make sure you have read all
this information before coming to Amsterdam, as
you will need to be able to make quick references
while making your points during Committee Work
and General Assembly.
Despite the fairly serious tone of all of the above,
there is no need to worry! The officials of the 71st
International Session are there to help you prepare effectively before coming to Amsterdam. To
help you kick-start your preparation, your committee chairs will be writing a topic overview, consisting of an insightful introduction to the key issues
of your topic and a list of useful research links. You
are encouraged to contact your Chair before the
session in order to further your understanding of
your topic and ensure that you are ready for an
exciting and stimulating week of discussion and

Amsterdam 2012, 71st International Session of the European Youth Parliament