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General Preparation
In order to ensure your carefree participation in the session, you will need to go through several steps.
First, you are required to create a personal account
on the EYP Alumni Platform. You are then expected to register yourself for the International Session
in Amsterdam as delegate or teacher. The added
benefit of this is that after the session, you will be
able to contact all EYPers through the platform,
see upcoming events and stay up to date with
what is happening on the international EYP scene!
Secondly, you will have to transfer your participation fees to the International Office of the European
Youth Parliament. They will contact you about these
matters, explain how to proceed with each step and
provide support in case you encounter any problems or have questions. The office may be contacted at For administrative purposes,
the collection of your information will be handled
by the office.

What to Bring

To ensure we have all required information during
the event, you will be asked to fill out the Travel Form
for Amsterdam 2012. This will provide the organisers
with information regarding your dietary requirements, travel details, contact details, etc. It is absolutely essential you fill out this form completely!
You can find the travel form at
travel-form . Since this form asks for your travel details, make sure you have booked your trip before
filling it out.

Committee Work

For any questions related to the session you may
contact the organisers at


Travel Tickets
Visa (if required)
Valid health and travel insurance
Money /credit cards
Warm clothes (jackets, vests etc.)
Passport / other valid travel documents
Swimming clothes


Food and drinks from your country
Plastic forks, knives and cups
National costume
Other items that will help represent your
country proudly

- Research and other preparation for your
topic (no printers will be available at the

- Your instrument (only a piano will be avail
- USB-stick or CD with music

- Formal clothing for Opening Ceremony,
Euroconcert and General Assembly
- Costumes/Uniform for the Theme Party

Your 5 Step Guide to Amsterdam 2012


Book your flight/train as soon as possible (check next page)
Create your personal account at
Register for the session on the EYP Alumni Platform.
Fill in the travel form at,
Prepare yourself academically by compiling a research folder and
writing your briefing paper (deadline Friday the 20th of October).