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September 2012


Dear Water friends,
Dimitri Klein, owner of the DUNE ECO VILLAGE & SPA1 and I, Laurie Moerman,
welcome you at the newest WATSU® & other aquatic bodywork facility in India: MAGIC
Through this letter, we invite you to discover the training program of our third course
season under the umbrella of the Watsu® association in India, “Watsu® India”2.
MAGIC WATER has been designed and built as “the
House of Watsu®” by our great friend architect Nils3,
and is situate in the lush heart of one of the greatest
Eco Village & Spa resort in Southern India. Magic
water is based on the Vastu Shastra principle (Indian
Feng Shui) by Dr Prabaht Poddar.
MAGIC WATER grand inauguration was blessed by
Harold Dull, founder of WATSU® and TANSU in
a memorable water session on March 28, 2010.

We are proud to announce that we now open our Course bookings
for the 2012/2013 season. Join us in « Magic » water soon! /

Below, you will find details on the following:
1- The schedule for the season
2- Course Details and Beside
3- General course information
4- How to book your course!





22-23 Sep 2012 AICHI BASIC



Dariya & Daniel




5 500


25-30 Dec 2012


Dariya & Daniel


INR 17 500


19-25 Jan 2013


Antonello & Franco


INR 34 000


Laurie Moerman



9 500


Laurie Moerman



5 500


27-28 Jan 2013 AQUAREFLEXO
31st Jan 2013



11-12 Feb 2013

3-5 Mar 2013

Jun Konno


INR 11 000



Manuela Blanchard


INR 10 500



Xavier Boisson


INR 10 500




INR 34 000


Gianni De Stefani


INR 34 000


Gianni De Stefani




5-11 Mar 2013 WATER DANCE 1
11-17 Mar 2013 WATSU 3

3rd April 2013 WATSU FOR BABY

5 500


Course fees/lunch/snacks/tax included in the price
Applicable to all courses: Book before 15 November 2012 and get 3% less!

AICHI Basic with Dariya and Daniel
22-23 December 2012 Half day (1.30 pm to 6.00 pm) Course Fee: INR 5500

Course Time: 8 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
The Ai Chi, created by Japanese Jun Konno in the 90s, combines principles of Tai Chi,
Shiatsu (stretching of meridians) and Watsu®. It is a warm water based sequence of
movements performed with soft background music, starting with simple breathing,
building up to bigger movements and finally involving the whole body coordination.
The big range of benefits Ai Chi provides include mind & body relaxation, increased
balance, pain management, improved range of motion & general mobility, strengthening
of core muscles, increased metabolism and blood circulation, mental alertness etc. It also
contributes to reduction of stress, insomnia, depression, fatigue, anxiety and encourages
the body into a state of relaxed awareness.
Ai Chi is open and beneficial to complete beginners as well as practitioners and therapists
of other forms of body work on land or in water.

WATSU® & LIQUID FLOW BASIC with Dariya & Daniel
25–30 December 2012 (half day 1.30 - 6.00 PM) Course Fee: INR 17500

Course Time: 27 hours (6 days)
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.


Watsu Basic gives 16 hours of credit for registration with WABA and Watsu India.
Liquid Flow Basic is part of the Watsu® India learning program and gives 27 hours of
credit for registration as an elective with Watsu India. Watsu Basic & Liquid Flow are
both aquatic bodywork modalities given in a warm water pool. Watsu®, the part where
the client's face stays always on the surface, introduces the body mechanics required to
work with someone immersed in water. During the Liquid Flow part, the receiver is also
brought under water (with nose clip), which offers a unique experience. In this course,
you will practice basic techniques and qualities (grounding, presence, stillness,
movement, attention) of being and moving another body in the water. You will
experience floating other people and being floated, on the surface and under water,
creating a space for deep relaxation and nurturing body, mind and spirit. Participants in
this course often appreciate the group space that fosters meaningful connections.


SHIATSU for WATSU® with Antonello & Franco
19-25 January 2013 Course Fee: INR 34000

Course Time: 50 hours (7 days)
Pre-requisite: Watsu® 1 or equivalent course
Watsu®, the abbreviation of WATer ShiatSU, originates from Masunaga’s Zen Shiatsu,
which was transferred and adapted to warm water by the Californian Shiatsu practitioner
Harold Dull. Therefore a deeper knowledge of Shiatsu is highly recommended. Shiatsu is
a form of natural healing that originated within the oldest healing system known to
humanity. It is a method of restoring and maintaining health by adjusting and balancing
the body's primary communication system - the energy system. This energy system
directs our growth, body functions, and activities as well as our awareness from
conception till death.
Although about 50% of this course is on land, it will add valuable knowledge to your
Watsu® practice. To become a registered Watsu® practitioner, one needs to have at least
50 hours of Shiatsu or Tantsu, another method of land-based bodywork.
Shiatsu for Watsu® is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) as
part of the Watsu learning program and gives 50 hours of credit for registration with
WABA and Watsu® India. 50 Land Bodywork hours

AQUA REFLEXO 1 with Laurie Moerman
27- 28 January 2013 Course Fee: INR 9500

Course Time: 14 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
Aqua Reflexo is a new method of aquatic bodywork which consists in stimulating
reflex points of all organs through acupressure on the reflex points and promoting
relaxation. The pressure points are less sensitive but the work on the body is deeper
within flow water than on land. The energetic system becomes balanced. This course
takes place between land and water by addressing the action on the meridians and the
wonderful sensation of floating by the Watsu®. An approach of the theory of reflexology
adjusted with the pleasure of the practice in warm water.

Extension: SUPERVISION with Laurie Moerman
29 January 2013 Course Fee INR 5000

Course Time: 7 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)

AI CHI BASIC (introduction) with Laurie Moerman
31 January 2013 Course Fee: INR 5500

Course Time: 8 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
The new Tai Chi practiced in water- has been created by Jun Konno at the beginning of
the nineties. Ai-Chi is a new water bodywork; it’s made up of quiet movements derived
from Thai-Chi- to compose a ’dance’. The fluid movements of the Ai-Chi dance recall the
round shape of a circle, and are synchronized with each breath. The flowing movements
of Ai Chi will increase metabolism and blood circulation. The naturalness of the Ai Chi
movements increases Chi which calms the mind and decreases stress and insomnia.

2-3 February 2013 Course Fee: INR 11000

Course Time: 16 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: AI CHI Basic

The AI CHI method, also named aquatic Tai Chi, has
been created by Jun Konno, ex-coach of the Japanese
Olympic swimming team. Nowadays he is the leader of
the well-known “Aquatic Dynamics Institute” at


CONTACT IMPROVISATION with Manuela Blanchard
11-12 February 2013 Course Fee: INR 10500

Course Time: 15 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
You will explore how to ground yourself and develop an organized and relaxed structure
in water, in order to give clear directions to your floating partners, using therefore your
whole body. On land you also learn how to let yourself fall into motion and how to stay in
graceful flow or dynamic stillness.

14-17 February 2013 Course Fee: INR 20000

Course Time: 30 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Pre-requisite: Basics improvisational principles (open to everybody)
We will go into aquatic and interactive explorations, based on listening and perception
and learn to compose with the unexpected. Our body becomes a fluid moving support,
inviting our partner(s) to ride on waves created by the common momentum. On land,
the sand will invite us on a journey back to our origins; on the bridge between the
elements, the imprints of old memories and waterdance.

Extension: SUPERVISION with Manuela Blanchard
18 February 2013 INR 5000

Course Time: 7 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
Practice day (jam / music / performance / practice with supervision)

DEEP DIVE Advanced workshop with Manuela Blanchard
21-25 February 2013 (2 nights practice) INR 27000

Course Time: 40 hours (credit for registration as an elective Watsu® India)
You will dive into sub-aquatic contact improvisations, develop confidence in
disorientation and enter another space-time dimension. The warm water invites you to
experience effortless relaxing underwater. You learn how to use your center to go in
spiral and swaying dances with our partners. Outdoor we will engage into a sensual and
playful approach of our environment, using our skin and our senses as interfaces and
spaces to meet.

WATSU® & PREGNANCY with Xavier Boisson
3-4 March Course Fee: INR 10500

Course time: 15 hours
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
What better environment could there possibly be than a warm water hydro pool, free
from weight bearing pressures, whilst being pregnant? Watsu® for pregnancy tailors the
versatile gentle movements of the treatment for both mother and baby, achieving
increased health benefits of nutrient circulation and harmonious mental relaxation whilst
soothing tired muscles and aching joints. Watsu® is also considered “the ultimate
preparation for a waterbirth” by Janet Balaskas, the world renowned natural childbirth

WATER DANCE 1 with Shanti
5-11 March Course fee: INR 34000

Course Time: 50 hours
Pre-requisite: There is no special requirement to attend this course.
WaterDance (also known as WATA and WasserTanzen) is a dynamic movement therapy
above and below water. It was developed by Peter Schröter and Arjana C. Brunschwiler
in 1987. In WaterDance 1, you will explore the art of breath connection, which enables
you to establish a deep rapport with your clients, inspire their trust, and offer the
attentiveness that is necessary when bringing someone under water. You learn the
WaterDance short form, including establishing a rhythm that works with each client's
breathing needs. You also learn to move all body types through the water with security,
ease and graceful fluidity, giving the receiver a profound sense of freedom and joy. It is
a profound therapy, in which time and space lose their meaning. Life and being become a
flow. Regression often occurs in which wounds from the past can be effortlessly
processed. WaterDance offers us a powerful therapeutic instrument, and a strong form of
energy and body work. Play, surrender, flow and harmony all combine in a unique
manner in the water. Prerequisite: Watsu® Basic & Aquawellness Basic or Liquid Flow
Basic. WaterDance 1 is recognized by WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association)
and gives 50 hours of credit for registration with WABA. The course is also part of the
WaterDance learning program and gives 50 hours of credit for registration with Watsu

WATSU® 3 with Gianni De Stefani
11-17 March Course Fee: INR 34000

Course Time: 50 hours (7 days)
Pre-requisite: Watsu® 2, 20 practices and a recorded demonstration of mastery.
Watsu® 3 is for people who have given enough Watsu® sessions to develop a comfortable
intuitive awareness of how to be with another person in the water and who are ready to
further adapt and explore outside the form of Watsu® 2. Powerful stretches and advanced
techniques including work at the pool wall and on the steps are introduced. Rolls that
require a spontaneous adaptation to the new positions they lead you into are presented
as a gateway into "Free Flow”.

WATSU® FOR BABY with Gianni De Stefani
3 April 2013 Course Fee: INR 5500

Course Time: 8 hours
Pre-requisite: Watsu® Student, Aquatic Bodywork Professional, Pediatrician
It is a technique which helps the baby to develop his own ability to listen and to express
his demands, according to the principles of the Watsu® for babies.



Exclusive for practitioners and students:

Wednesday: 12pm to 2pm> Training
300 rps per 1 hour (per couple)
Payment at spa reception before to start

Thursday: 12pm to 2pm> Free Practice

The Magic Water’s Chart has to be read and accepted by each student by


fees for all classes include the teacher’s fee, manuals, certificates, lunches,
snacks, practice days and/or evening practice (where noted) and tax. Our fees remain
priced in Indian Rupees (INR).


with WABA (Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association), and with WATSU®
INDIA as well as procurement of audiovisual material for the course is not included in the
fee but will be available for an additional administration fee at the time of the course

MAGIC WATER will provide floats and nose clips for student use during class and practice


be at MAGIC WATER at 8:30AM on the first day of class to sign-in, receive
appropriate course materials, and pay final balances of your course fee. The daily
schedule for each course will be set by the instructor and may differ from course to


daily schedule for each course will be established on the first day of the course. All
other important information regarding course details and MAGIC WATER will also be
provided on the first day of each course.


you have any questions, please feel free to contact by email Magic Water director
Laurie at


you request more details before taking a decision, please email to Laurie


to book? Go onto our Watsu® dedicated pages on The Dune hotel website and pre-register yourself through making a booking-request.
Upon verification of the availability, we will open a payment-link through our on-line and
secured registration system for you to deposit 50% of the course fee. The payment and
confirmation of your deposit is the sole guarantee of a place on a course.

Final payment The payment for the balance 50% of the course fee is due no later

the first day of each course and should be paid in Rupees by cash or credit card. Kindly
note that you will be able to begin the course only after such formality has been
successfully fulfilled.


conditions Course deposits are Refundable (less an administration fee of 10%
of the course fee) up to four weeks prior to the course start date-; deposit funds are
Non-refundable if a cancelation is being made later than four weeks prior to the course
start date, with the exception that another student takes your place and the course is
fully subscribed, Course deposits are refundable in full if the course has to be cancelled
for any reason by Magic Water Pvt Ltd.

Accommodation: information regarding accommodation please

contact directly Central

Reservation Office at


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