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2013 Formula SAE Rules

This introduction highlights some areas of the 2013 Formula SAE rules that teams should understand and
consider. This introduction only summarizes parts of the rules the revised text and do not change or replace the
Caution – Neither this introduction, nor any other summary, is a substitute for reading and understanding the
Rules. The Rules are both a controlling and a reference document and should be used for those purposes. Do
not attempt to design your car based on the parts of the Rules you happen to remember from the last time you
read them. We cannot stress it too strongly – Read the Rules thoroughly and repeatedly.
Revised Part Designations - The designations of some of the Parts of the FSAE Rules have been revised to
better indicate their contents. The new designations are:
Part A – Administrative Regulations
Part T – General Technical Requirements
Part AF – Alternate Frame Rules
Part IC – Internal Combustion Engine Vehicles
Part EV – Technical Regulations - Electric Vehicles
Part S – Static Event Regulations
Part D – Dynamic Event Regulations
Part EV - Electric Vehicles - The most significant change to the 2013 Formula SAE Rules is the addition of
regulations and requirements for electric vehicles. Section EV is largely based on the rules for the electric
classes at Formula Student (UK) and Formula Student Germany with modifications implemented following a
review by an international group of electric engineering experts. Many of the EV requirements will be familiar
to teams that have participated in electric competitions.
A5.2 Electrical System Officer– Electric Teams Only – Electric teams are required to designate a person as
their Electric Systems Officer who will be responsible for “all electric operations of the vehicle during the
A5.3 – Electric System Advisor – Electric Teams Only – Electric teams are required to designate an Electric
System Advisor “who can advise on the safety systems to do with HV electrical configuration and control
EV1.1.2 – Maximum Voltage – During the 2013 and 2014 Formula SAE competition years the maximum
permitted nominal operational voltage is designated per competition.
EV9.1 - Electrical System Form (ESF) and EV9.2 - Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) - Teams
entering an electric vehicle are required to submit a detailed Electric Systems Form and an FMEA of the tractive
system. Templates for these documents will be available online and must be followed.
T1.2 Steering – The steering regulations have been modified to clarify that the use of cable steering is
T3.10.4 on the location of the 95th percentile template - The location of the template in relation to the face of
the pedals has been specified.

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2013 Formula SAE Rules