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In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, the Most Merciful
The prophet Mohammed the son of Abdullah - peace and blessing of Allah be
upon him and his family – is the messenger of Allah Almighty to all the two
creation (man and Jinn), so everyone on the face of earth since the beginning
of the prophet hood of Mohammed the son Abdullah - peace and blessing of
Allah be upon him and his family – has been sent to him (Say: O people! surely I
am the Messenger of Allah to you all, of Him Whose is the kingdom of the
heavens and the earth there is no god but He; He brings to life and causes to die
therefore believe in Allah and His messenger, the unlettered Prophet who
believes in Allah and His words, and follow him so that you may be guided) 158,
Surah Al-Aaraf.
Imam Muslim narrated from Jabir bin Abdullah – may Allah be pleased with
them – he said: the Messenger of Allah peace and blessing of Allah be upon him
and his family said: “Every Prophet used to be sent to his nation only but I have
been sent to all mankind”. So everyone from any religion or faith have to
believe in Mohammed - peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his family
– and whoever rejects guidance and abstains from the truth, their place will be
in the hellfire.
The people of the book: the Jews and Christians, are the first addressed with
that. The Messenger of Allah peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his
family said: “By the One in Whose hand is the soul of Muhammad, there is noone of this ummah, Jew or Christian, who hears of me then dies without
believing in that with which I have been sent, but he will be one of the people of
Hell’. Narrated by Muslim.
So the Jews and the Christians are ordered to follow the prophet peace and
blessing of Allah be upon him and his family (Those who follow the Messenger,
the illiterate prophet, whom they find written in the Taurat and the Injeel (who)
enjoins them good and forbids them evil, and makes lawful to them the good
things and makes unlawful to them impure things, and removes from them their
burden and the shackles which were upon them) 157, Surah Al-Araf.
The prophets – peace be upon them – have prophesized of the last prophet
Mohammed and recommended their followers to follow him and abide and
enter Islam with him (but most men do not consent to aught but denying) 89,
Surah Al-Isra.


Mohammed - peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his family – brought
honorable Hanifiya, Tawhid, justice and mercy, but evildoers do not consent
and choose misguidance, injustice, oppression, aggression and ignorance.
Arabic poetry
He came when Jahiliya was in misguidance and Kufr: Worshiping stones,
But he brought the religion of Islam with Surah Al-Fatiha read in five Salat,
He replaced for unjust polytheism with justice, and fear with security,
He called them preachers but they were blind and deaf, so he followed with
striking and stabbing,
He issued his ruling in those killed and those who were captured were ransomed
or released,
And he forced out his haters from the forts and didn’t leave any of them on the
He put on a shining sword and a long spear,
He attacked them at dawn on galloping horses,
If you weight the Arabs and non-Arabs against him - may I be sacrificed for him
they wouldn’t equal him,
Offending the prophet is an unforgivable crime, negotiations aren’t beneficial
and apology is unacceptable, (And if you should question them, they would
certainly say: We were only idly discoursing and sporting. Say: Was it at Allah
and His communications and His Messenger that you mocked? -65- Do not make
excuses…) Surah, At-Taubah. The depreciation of the honorable status of
prophethood can only be bound by shedding blood. When the cursed Jew
(Ka’ab bin Al-Ashraf) wanted to offend the honorable status, the prophet blessing of Allah be upon him and his family – called the Muslims: “Who is for
Ka’ab bin Al-Ashraf, he has offended Allah and His messenger”.
And today: Who is for America, it has offended Allah and His messenger.
The speeches, statements, boycotting, demonstrations, demanding apology
and legislation of laws didn’t uplift the support of the prophet - peace and
blessing of Allah be upon him and his family – and only made the Kuffar


increase their arrogance and tyranny. The effective solution is what has been
started by the prophet - peace and blessing of Allah be upon him and his
family – with Ka’ab bin Al-Ashraf.
Arabic poetry
Leave the ink and write with red blood, and shut your mouth and speak with the
second mouth
The mouth of canons in the chests of the enemies it has an eloquence to accept
Today, there are no speeches or letters, but rather cutting tongues and
striking necks. The word is that of the swords.
Arabic poetry
The language of speech falls short from speaking with arms, we are eager for
mute tongues on eloquent hands
How good are the Muslims in Libya for killing the American ambassador? They
have made a good Sunnah. They and those who do the same will be rewarded
on the day of Judgment. O’ what successful faces and blessed are your hands!
Arabic poetry
They said you have raided while the messengers of Allah weren’t sent to kill a
soul or bloodshed
Ignorance, misguidance of dreams and fallacy, you have conquered with the
sword after conquering with the pen
When every nobleman came to for forgiveness, the sword undertook the
ignorant and misguided
Where are those who love the messenger of Allah?
Where are those who sacrifice for him the money and soul?
Where are those who are sincere towards Allah?
The patrons of the Americans are saying: (I will give) my throat before the
“throat” of the embassy.
So where are the believers who say: (I will give) my throat before your throat
O’ messenger of Allah.


I swear by Allah that Allah will defeat the enemies of the prophet and the
agents of the enemies of the prophet, and Allah will aid the prophet through
us, we the believers. This is Allah’s promise to His prophet: (then surely Allah
is sufficient for you; He it is Who strengthened you with His help and with the
believers) 62 Surah, Al-Anfal.
We are the sons of who made Baya’a to the prophet - peace and blessing of
Allah be upon him and his family – on the day of Aqaba to support him, and
they protect him from what they protect their women, themselves and their
children. We are still committed to the vows of our forefathers and will fulfill
the Baya’a. We say what our forefathers said: “What a successful deal, we won’t
ask you to resign and we won’t resign”.
Arabic poetry
We the Yemenis, O’ Taha, fly to the high mounds by the souls of the Ansar
If you remember Amar and his principle, then be proud of us we are the
descendants of Amar
The Muslims – all the Muslims – sacrifice for the messenger of Allah money
and souls, and with their love for him and eagerness to meet him in eternity.
O’ how we long for the messenger of Allah! Today we meet the loved ones
Mohammed and his companions.
(And whoever obeys Allah and the Messenger, these are with those upon whom
Allah has bestowed favors from among the prophets and the truthful and the
martyrs and the good, and a goodly company are they -69- This is grace from
Allah, and sufficient is Allah as the Knower -70- O you who believe! take your
precaution, then go forth in detachments or go forth in a body -71- And surely
among you is he who would certainly hang back! If then a misfortune befalls you
he says: Surely Allah conferred a benefit on me that I was not present with them
-72- And if grace from Allah come to you, he would certainly cry out, as if there
had not been any friendship between you and him: Would that I had been with
them, then I should have attained a mighty good fortune -73- Therefore let those
fight in the way of Allah, who sell this world's life for the hereafter; and whoever
fights in the way of Allah, then be he slain or be he victorious, We shall grant
him a mighty reward -74-) Surah An-Nisa.
(and Allah is the master of His affair, but most people do not know) 21, Surah


Published by Al-Malahim Media
Dhu Al-Qa'dah 1433 A.H. – September 2012

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