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A Letter to the Desk of the Editor

Hello folks! Hope that you are having a wonderful time. Spring is

knocking at the door. And this is the perfect time for make alive
your 3D model. Yes it is the time to 3D printing. And we are bringing
to you all the itsy bitsy facts of the 3D Printing in SketchUp.

For that reason we are going to introduce the new genre of modern
technology – 3D printing in SketchUp. We have discussed on our
cover story segment on how much 3D printing is necessary for
today’s world. It is always a pleasure for the SketchUp artist to see
how his 3D model is looking in real. We are also introduced Mr.
Oscar Rottink, the two time Champion on 3D Printing Competition in
our Interview section.

Jim Leggitt presents us another wonderful blog on digital water
color effect on Google SketchUp. Nomer Adona teaches us on how to
do Modeling Frame using SketchUp and FotoSketcher. Bonnie Roskes
brings in some nice SketchUp Style in her piece of writing. Tips of
Ferry Sugianto definitely help the SketchUp users just like it helped
me. Virgo Oktaviano shares his story of SketchUp with us from
which the newbie artists will get inspiration for sure. The
introduction of Google Earth 6.2 positively affects the productivity
of SketchUp. The News Room section is the place where you can
stay updated regarding the latest happening of SketchUp World.