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List of Contents

1. A letter to the desk of editor
A letter direct from the editor desk highlighting on September edition

2. Interview
Rendezvous with Klara Theresya

3. Cover Story
Sketchup for tablet application

4. Article
Learning to model terrain in SketchUp

5. Blog
SketchUp’s upcoming 3D Basecamp 2012
SketchUp Exporter

6. Tutorial
Post process tutorials render in sketchup and post process in
Photoshop by Thruy Pagunsan
Wall Texture Tutorials by Thruy Pagunsan
Tips and Tricks on how to speed up rendering for 3d models by
Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas
Tutorial Fire by Sir Elder
Tutorial Highlighting in Photoshop by Sir Elder

7. News Room
8. Magazine Details – The Creative team of Sketchup ur Space