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A letter to the Desk of Editor
Hello friends!
Every day we are getting great responses for our magazine. Some newbie SketchUp designers are
showing their interest to publish their stunning projects with our magazine. We are giving our best effort to
improve the quality and standard of the magazine so that we can telegraph the various horizons of
SketchUp to the SketchUp community. Keeping this in mind we are publishing the September issue of our
magazine in a more intuitive way.
The present theme of our magazine is focusing on “Future SketchUp development for viewing SketchUp
models in a mobile ready format”. In this issue the readers will find an informative article presented by
Daniel Tal, a licensed practicing landscape architect in Denver, Colorado, and a Google SketchUp
specialist, highlighting “Learning to model terrain in SketchUp”.
An unique cover story on “SketchUp for tablet application” from SketchUp-ur-space team providing useful
information on various 3rd party applications to view SketchUp models on iPad, iPhone and Android.
The readers will get an interview with Klara Theresya, a graduate of architecture and the most promising
3d modeler and renderer.
Our current issue includes some exclusive tutorials from some renowned SketchUp experts. The readers
will find wall texture tutorials for SketchUp and post process tutorials which are render in SketchUp and
post process in Photoshop by Thruy Pagunsan. The readers will also find Tips and Tricks on how to
speed up rendering for 3d models by Jonathan Pagaduan Ignas. Another good tutorials on rendering with
Photoshop techniques by Elder Cavalcantii.
Besides, there will be some latest news and blogs on SketchUp.
Now-a-days communication systems become fastest and we find a technological revolution in
communication systems. The emergence of tablet gadgets makes the communication foundation more
advance. The SketchUp users can also think to utilize iPhone, iPad and Android devices to view and
convert their SketchUp files to a mobile ready format and present their work to the client in quickest
possible way and enhance the performance. Is Trimble planning to launch a SketchUp application for the
new world of presentation so that the designers get the ability to refine the look of the model
Hope that you will like this publication of SketchUp ur Space. We will eagerly wait to get feedback from
you. Please send me your suggestions at


Best Wishes
Rajib Dey
Happy Reading!