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Interview with Klara Theresya, The Sketchup

Rendezvous with Klara Theresya
The leading geo modeler who have modeled several of the city's most visible buildings and structures, including
Luna Park, the Anzac Bridge, Pyrmont Bridge and the Sydney monorail
Hello Klara! Welcome to the globe of SketchUp. We would like to hear something about you.
I would like to introduce myself, my name is Klara Theresya, I am a fresh graduated of architecture department.
I feel honored and embarrassed at the same time to be interviewed in SketchUp-ur-space magazine. It is such a
pleasure for me. Thank you very much
When you first get started to utilize SketchUp in your project and why?
It was couple years ago I started to utilize SketchUp in my project. I found it such simple and easy to use.
What are the core areas of SketchUp and how does it incorporate with your project?
Well, I love SketchUp pretty much because of its simplicity, so i can complete the work easier and i think it fits to
complete my projects.
What type of work do you perform with SketchUp?
I perform 3d modelling works and rendering works too.