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Sketchup for tablet application
With the emergence of multi-touch tablets like iPad, iPhone, Android etc, we see a paradigm shift in 3D
technology We experience new opportunities in the 3D modeling sectors. Sketchup is a master tool for 3D
modeling but there is not a simple viewer for skp models on Android, iPad and iPhone.
If you think from a perspective of a sketchup user you may want to make a SU model & import the SKP file as
interactive 3D models and view on the iPad.
It will be very useful for explaining projects to clients. Export the model from your pc as a google earth
compatible model then view using cubits from the app store.

It will be very useful for verifying dimension on site survey, plug in photos from the camera to support the
dimension data. Designers can be benefitted by getting ideas about concepts &spaces and demonstrate concepts
to the customers. The users can also get the ability to rotate/orbit/pan/zoom/exploding view in a 3D model as
the same way as google earth works.
Sketchup for tablet application will facilitate landscape designing to a great extent. The landscape designers can
create a G3 model by applying sketchup to lay out terrain models. Import the model to tablets and walk through
the models containing all the data literally before you.