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Trimble has to make some huge alterations to sketchup for applying it on the tablets application. Write a viewer
is not difficult but it has to be applied devoid of OpenGL. Besides sketchup hinges on hover state for numerous
inferencing operations with the several drawing and manipulation tools. Touch sensors in tablets does not allow
for a hover state.
There are lots of 3rd party applications which facilitate a user to can bring their SketchUp models to their
preferred smartphone and tablet and showcase their design.
SightSpace 3D
In recent years Limitless Computing Inc.®, a provider of 3D mobile Augmented Reality, released SightSpace 3D
for Android customers. It is the only mobile Augmented Reality aplication for Google SketchUp™. It is accessible
for the Android Market @r $14.99.
SightSpace 3D facilitates observation of Google SketchUp designs on Android devices with Augmented Reality
capabilities which superimpose digital models over prevailing physical environments. Stereoscopic 3D is
accessible at the time of using Augmented Reality wearing 3D glasses.