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Casa de Oracion & Adoracion




Worship and prophetic evangelism in public spaces
‘ T h i s c a l l s fo r p a t i e n t e n d u r a n c e a n d fa i t h fu l n e s s o n t h e p a r t o f t h e s a i n t s ’ R e v. 1 3 v 1 0
We have been studying Jesus’ messages to the 7 churches in Revelation during our weekly meetings There is so much to learn
from these messages but perhaps the faithfulness and perseverance of the Church in Philadelphia most impacted us: Jesus
praises His people for keeping His Word, for not denying His Name and He promises them that they will be kept from the hour of
trial and He will acknowledge before their enemies that He has loved them! He also tenderly acknowledges that they have little
strength. Could this be the reason that His exhortation to ‘hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown’ is
different to the message directed to the church in Smyrna; ‘Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you the crown
of life’? Whether we are to be protected and justified in front of our enemies by Jesus Himself, or whether He calls (and therefore
will enable) us to be faithful unto death, we realize that we need a revelation of His perfect faithfulness in order to become like
Him in this characteristic:

‘Here is a trustworthy saying: If we died with him, we
will also live with him; if we endure, we will also reign
with him.’
Revelation . 3: 10-11
‘If we disown him, he will also disown us.’
Revelation . 3: 8b y Matthew 10: 33
‘if we are faithless, he will remain faithful, for he cannot
disown himself.’
2 Timothy 2 v 11-13

A Time of Opportunity

We are very aware and grateful that God seems to be bringing His church into a new season. We feel that God is calling us to pour out our lives in
love for Him to a greater extent, just like the Shulamite who was prepared to do anything to be with her Lover. But at the same time, we are aware
that leaving everything to be able to have the Pearl of great price is only possible when we have a fresh revelation of Jesus’ grace and how He paid
absolutely everything to have us restored to Him. When we understand this, our hearts are truly softened and tenderized by Him as we contemplate and appreciate His beauty. We can no longer live for our own glory or our own ambitions because He has consumed us, and He is the only One
worthy to receive all glory.

The new room!

Yes, we are moving out! Just down the road for now but we are feeling very blessed by the church, who has offered for us to
move into a much bigger prayer room with offices, whilst still looking out on the beautiful mountains of La Paz. Even though we
believe it will be a temporary move, we are praying and believing that more people from other congregations will want to come
now that we will be more accessible from the main street. Please pray for us as we prepare to move into our new space: that God
would use this to mark a new time and bring even more people to join us in seeking His face and loving Him more through prayer,
worship and works of justice.

Internship and Worship Conference
We would love for you to come and partake in our UNCONTAINABLE internship from October 25
– 31. We are delighted that Kirk Bennett is able to be with us, as he is one of the spiritual fathers
who God has blessed us with as the House of Prayer and is also part of the leadership at IHOPKansas City. The internship will have two main emphases: intimacy and works of justice. The other
piece of good news is that the internship will finish with the UNCONTAINABLE conference, which
we believe will be a key time for the Church to enter into a new move of prophetic prayer and
worship that the Holy Spirit is orchestrating. You still have time to book and can find more
information on our Facebook page “Anticipando” where you can download and watch our
promotional video. We would LOVE you to be there …

Taking the House of Prayer outdoors

We are starting to get more used to the idea of praying with people and sharing Jesus with them in public places! This morning
was a really special time as we offered to pray for an elderly gentlemen sitting on a bench, and quickly discovered he was totally
in love with Jesus! He was spending the day fasting and reading his Bible and praying together with such an older follower of
Jesus was a real privilege and I think it mutually encouraged us all.

New times, new ideas

We feel that as God is opening up a new door of opportunity, new ideas are emerging, especially to do with outreach. Please pray for
God’s Spirit to lead and guide and that we would be obedient to listen, wait and act on everything He says. More details may follow in
the next update … but for now we would encourage you to pray for the situation surrounding adoption in Bolivia. The doors for international adoption have, until now, been closed in Bolivia (that is, allowing foreigners to adopt Bolivian children) but it seems that there is
now the possibility that international adoption could once again become legal in Bolivia. We believe this is an answer to our prayers and
we would urge you to keep praying with us that not only international adoption but the whole process of adopting children would
become easier here in Bolivia.
Thank you so much for your love, collaboration and prayers – may God bless you very much.

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