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27 Grande rue
60710 Houdancourt
Tel :
Email: Ad.Niiw@hotmail.fr
Charles F. Bolden, Jr.
300 E Street SW,
Washington, D.C
A Houdancourt, le 07/11/2012
Dear Sir,
I noted with great interest the possibility of integrating your business as an astronaut for the
mission "Mars 2013." To validate the training I followed in the school Air Salon-De-Provence,
I currently completing my pilot's license. Available from the month of January 2013, I’m extremely interested in this position.
My academic career has allowed me to acquire the practical skills of the profession Astronaut and sense of teamwork. I'm curious, adventurous and have team spirit. My health and
my physical condition unconventional would be an asset for NASA. The skills I acquired during my studies allow me to be me and running quickly and fully involved in the life and mission of the NASA.
Working with you would be for me a very rewarding experience to know that I have the skills
and knowledge required.
We remain at your disposal to elaborate further my motivations in an interview, please accept, Sir, the assurance of my respectful greetings.

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