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Finish a subject:
Well, l've told you about ...
Well, that was ...
1 think that's all 1 have to say about ...
We've looked at ...
We've seen ...
Start anothe r subject:
Now we'll move on to ...
Let me go on to .'s turn now to .
l'Il continue with .
Next ...
Turning to ...
Now, l'd like to discuss ...'s look at ...
The next point is ...
Ordering items:
Firstly ... secondly ... thirdly ... lastly .
To start with ... later ... to finish up .
First of all ... then ... next ... after that ... finally ...
Question time:
Sorry, , didn't catch that.
What do you mean by that?
What do you mean by ...7
Could you rephrase that please?
What does ... mean?
Could you speak more slowly please?
ru have to get back to you on that one.
We felt that was not central to the issue.
, can find out for you if you want.
Thank the audience:


for coming.
for your attention.
for your time.
again for inviting me.

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