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Baccalauréat Anglais LV1

Série S (anciennement C)

Juin 1990

Walking around the world

It was happened to talk to unknown people about the world.
Just when I was six, I imagined a big across around the world, it was called “my turn out
around the world”.
I wanted to travel a lot of times, but my parents didn’t agree with me and my opinions.
However my friend was a little funny with parents, able convincing them.
His name was Johann, I often stick it (regarding the vegetable) while he was complaining
about the famous single what he was composing after being in his five-lots.
When he said following sentences : “Hey baby, I stopped it.” or “do you do all to come with
me?” I was surprising.
It’s the typical phrasing which can be pronounced by a typical man in less fully living.
To come back on our subject, me I am the narrator, I planned to travel to Deutschland in
1980’s years, about ten years ago.
I was already taller than I was six and my parents have been changed their advices about me
and my travelling, now they was happy that I left my original country.
They was convinced by me, my friend Johann was unfortunately died in 1978.
Now I am writer and I write many books about scientific reviews.
I often travel around the world, I like walking around one.
I hope that everybody that would like travelling about the world could do it.


1. Context : tell about the text and present it (nature of the text, who is the narrator,
where takes place it, when takes place it…), quote from the text to justify.
2. Abstract : make an abstract of the text by using only important elements of this. You
can quote from the text to justify.
3. Other questions about the text :

Who is Johann ? Present him quickly.
Why the author didn’t travel around the world when he was younger? Quote from
the text.
Present the current situation of the author of the text. Quote from the text.
Where the author want to travel nowadays and why? Quote from the text.
When died Johann? Quote from the text.
Present the Johann’s behavior. Quote from the text.

4. Translation : translate the text from the line 6 “His name was Johann” to the end.


Choose the first or second exercise according to your wanted.



The narrator is died instead of Johann. Imagine the new context by writing a dialog between
Johann and the narrator’s parents.

FREE WRITING WORK (about 500 words)

In the life we often show that relationships are hard to be efficiency joined between two or
more persons.
According to you, why relationships are an element against the freedom?

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