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September 2012

Mang Tha Women Empowerment Program

On September 21-22 Mang Tha had two successful open
house days. The purpose of the open house was to create
awareness on how the centre is run and encourage involvement with the project. It was also an opportunity for
guests to see our products and know the whole story behind them. We showed how the products are made and
why they are fair trade and why fair trade is important.

Guests learning about Mang Tha

Having a go at the spinning wheel and loom

Another important aspect
of the open house is for
guests to meet refugees
and see there is nothing to
be scared of. In fact , there
is much to be inspired, seeing and learning about
their lives and the work
they do and how despite all
the difficulties they have
managed to achieve so
About 20 guests came with their families and children. We
shared with them about the Myanmar culture and Chin
women from a church preformed Chin songs and dances.
We also did a short quiz on Burma and refugees.
Guests then had a go at the spinning wheel and some also
tried weaving on the loom. Thank you everyone for coming and see you again at our next open house.

Visit us / Stay in touch
18a Lorong Brunei 3—Pudu 55100 - KL

Mang Tha’s Mission for Chin Women:

Improve their living conditions
and that of their families

Empower them through skills
training and awareness building

Create solidarity between women
of all Chin ethnicities

0060 16 627 42 40

Mang Tha has been awarded the European Union Malaysian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (EUMCCI) Sustainability Award. This
award is about women’s empowerment and
EUMCCI will sponsor and support Mang Tha
on training, consulting, communication tools
and advertising.
This is a major acknowledgment, moving beyond handicraft products. It gives recognition to refugees and that Mang Tha is an
association and part of Malaysian society. And it indicates that Mang Tha is not a one
off project but a professional one, and its sustainability being apparent to everyone.

Four Mang Tha women have been resettled since
July and we wish them all the best. From left to
right in the pictures below we wish them all farewell by thanking them for all their work and contribution to Mang Tha.
Cing Cing & Khin Htey Yi: 2 great artisans with
exceptional skills as a seamstress, resettled in the
US. Will miss their smiles!

Ma Engi: Our great sewing and tailoring
teacher has been resettled in the US, she was
a great support for Mang Tha, always faithful
and committed to the project. We miss her a
lot and send her our love and good luck!

All of these women were very important
members of Mang Tha and so the mood was
down for sometime after they left.
Ngur Te: One of best sewer, she was also involved
shows how difficult it is to keep this project
in other trainings, like our baking class. She is resustainable. But new women got involved
settled in the US with her family of 3 children.
and we move on with great memories!

Computer and Baking classes have stopped for
few months since the Christmas period is very
busy with both the production and sales at various Christmas events. However, our self-esteem
workshops are continuing every Friday at
2:00pm, with Amelie, volunteer in Dignity For
Children Foundation Malaysia, sent by The
Catholic Delegation for Cooperation (DCC).
These workshops are very important because
many women are shy and need to relax and speak
out. Amelie does short yoga and relaxation exercises with them. The women call her the ‘sleeping teacher’ because they fall asleep while doing some of the exercises.
We are trying to involve more women because many of them have problems sleeping and
other Personal issues.

Mang Tha continues its outreach work and visits to the various communities. We
visited the Mizo Community which is part of Chin ethnic group. Their centre is in
Pudu and we met the Women Society of the Church. They have a program for
women, supporting the women that give birth and organize bible studies. Domitille did a presentation on Human Rights. The presentation focused on basic Human Rights since refugees are
not aware about their own
rights and why in Malaysia and
Myanmar those rights are not
It was also emphasized why
they need to fight for these
rights so the women’s viewpoint
gains focus also. This way Human Rights will become for all
rather than just men’s rights

Mang Tha often make special order for friends or partners.
Last month, we design and sewed a Moses baby basket
with handwowen fabric. Thangi managed to make this
outstanding result from a picture found on line! We are
always happy to innovate and be creative so don't hesitate!


Ariane and her family for the great donation. After 2 years volunteering at Mang Tha, she is still
very supportive !

Bruno Le Cauchois & the french acting company for the donation from the profits of their play.

Amélie for her Self-Esteem trainings. The women are always looking forward to the next one !

The American Association of MY for their english classes & regular donations of food.

Deryne for the donation of sewing machines

and all Mang Tha friends that came to our open days or just drop by to the centre. We
are always happy to see you ! Our home is your home !



IBU Christmas Bazaar – November 18th

Flower arranging

Urbanscapes Festival – November 24th &

Art Therapy (acting/painting/dancing/

Charity Bazaar – Dec 1st

Money Management, Leadership, self-esteem

AGS & Alice Smith School Bazaar – Dec 1st

French Bazaar – December 4th

and if you have a special talent or skill
and would like to share it with the women, your creativity will be very welcome, we are open to all good ideas!

and if you have any tip for us regarding Christmas markets, please share
them with us, sale opportunities are
our priority!!

Please note the border around
the newsletter is fabric handwoven by Mang Tha women.


Bodycare products for women & children
(shampoo, showergel etc)

Threads, needles, buttons etc.

Toys for Mang Tha women's children

Baby care products (wipes, diapers, milk etc), clothes, furniture etc.

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