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04. Philip K.Dick .pdf

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Philip Kindred Dick is an was an American science fiction novelist. He was born in December 1928 in Chicago of
the United State. He died the March 2, in 1982, in California. This is a great writer, famous in the world. this main
writings are very famous and adapted from cinema. He won the Hugo Awards for best novel and the Campbell
memorial Award.

He lost his twin sister when she was six weeks. His father is an investigator. He suffered of vertigo and
schizophrenia when he was young. It’s at this moment he discovered science fiction. His parents divorced when
he was 4 years. He works in the newspaper and write novels. He studied philosophy that he never finished. He
made lots of job in the music and he married from Jeanette Marlin in 1948. They divorced six month later. Kleo
Apostolides was his second wife. And he was lots of problem with the political because he was a communist and
he filed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. he begin his career of writing in 1952 and wrote lots of famous
novels. Philip divorced with Kleo and remarried with Anne Williams Rubinstein. And they have a child. In 1964,
philip K.Dick sink into depression and he separates of this wife. And he remarried whis Nancy Hackett. He publish
“the man in the High Castle” and won the Hugo Award in 1963. He continued his career and publish lots of book.

in 60’s :

Second Variety adapted from cinema from screamers

Paycheck adapted from cinema

The Golden Man adapted from cinema from Next

Minority Report adapted from cinema

in 70’s :

The Man in the High Castle

Time Out of Joint adapted from cinema from the Truman Show.

The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch adapted from cinema from eXistenZ

We Can Remember It for You Wholesale adapted from cinema from Total Recall and Cobra

Blade Runner adapted from cinema

Ubik adapted from cinema

in 80’s :

Confessions of a Crap Artist adapted from cinema

Deus Irae with Roger Zelazny

A Scanner Darkly adapted from cinema

In 1970, Philip K.Dick had money problems.[copyrights of book didn’t exist at the time]. He divorced with Nancy
Hackett. In 1971, his house was devastated. He moved to Vancouver and he attempted suicide. He left a
detoxification center. In 1971 he found a woman and rebegin to write. Ridley Scott propose him to participate in
the creation of the film Blade Runner. But he died in 1982 before leaving Blade Runner.

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