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The departure was in the middle of the afternoon. After installed, the bus left with all pupils and four teachers.
The road was very long to go to the “country of rain”. But after a few breaks, a movie and a short night, we
arrived at Calais to take the ferry. I discovered I had a slight seasickness, irrelevant.
Before 12 : 00 a.m, we arrived in Oxford. We visited Christ Church College, a very beautiful building Church. Lots
of scene of Harry Potter movies were shot in this College. The Pedestrian Street was very popular, with many
shops and a big Covered Market. We went to eat at Mc Donald’s and we spent the afternoon discovering Oxford.
We saw the Sheldonian Theater (1690), and the Bridge of Sighs, in New College Street. We went to our host
families at 6 : 00 pm. We discussed with our family and we moved into our room. We watched TV, and we slept
quite early, we were tired because of the long journey.
Like the previous day, it didn’t rain in England. That Day, we visited the Roman Bath. The city of Bath appeared
larger than Oxford, but Bath is a very beautiful town. The Roman Baths were very interesting because there are
lots of history of this town and the Roman Empire. The Circus and the Royal Crescent are Two places which
symbolize the sun, and the moon. We spent the afternoon shopping and visiting Bath.
On the 3rd day, we went to Oxford in the morning. In the afternoon we visited Shakespeare’s house, in Stratford
Upon Avon. This house was old and great. We saw a representation from an extract of a play by Shakespeare.
Then, we visited the Church of Stratford with a small group. Stratford Upon Avon is a very beautiful town.
That day didn’t do shopping, but it is not so bad, because the day after we went to London to see the change of
the guard, visit Shakespeare Globe, eat in Macdonald and shop in the streets of London.
The return was more calm, and the night longer. Crossing the English Channel was no problem. I made new
friends, very nice. I spent a week in England, 1000km from home, with my friends, away from my parents, what
happiness ! If I must give advice for future participants in the travel to England, I advise them to go to Starbucks
Coffee !

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