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Max Legrand
Online Marketing Executive
+(86)158 21 86 84 23

Marketing Online Experiences
Online Marketing Executive
IFA Paris Fashion School – Shanghai, China – April 2012 - October 2012



Managing international SEM :
- Google Adwords Campaign (58.000€/year)
- Facebook Campaign (11.000€/year)
- SEM Rush (competition analysis)

Community Manager
- Facebook
- Viadeo
- Twitter
- Linkedin
- Tumblr
- YouTube

College Background

Competitive Intelligence
- Google Alert
- Alexa
- SEO Spyglass
SEO expertise
- Google adplanner
- Google analytics
- Backlinks studies

Marketing Online Assistant

Team work
Focus on international


Master – Marketing & Strategy – IAE Poitiers
Poitiers, France - September 2010 - October 2012

- Thesis: « What methodological approach a company must follow to
gain online visibility? »
- Six months of studies in The Netherlands at Radboud University
- Double degree focused on Chinese market: 7 months in Shanghai

Coventry University – Coventry, England, May to July 2010

Bachelor Degree in Management
- Finding new sources of funding for disadvantaged
- Achievement of competitive intelligence
- Database creation

Other Marketing Experiences
Management Auditor
AVP Covitis – Cognac, France - Internship – July August 2011

- Analyzing the market of the wine « Pineau des
Charentes »
- Evaluating the possibility to launch a new wine
- Thesis mark: 16,5/20 (Honors)

Management Auditor
Cultura– La Rochelle, France - Internship – July August 2011

- Study the book department of the outlet to find a new
way to increase the profitability
- Thesis mark: 16.90/20 (Honors)

Game – La Rochelle, France - Internship – January 2008

- Help the customer, answer to his/her needs
- Study the competition
- event organization

Poitiers, France - September 2009- Agust 2011

- Work in the group project “new website for the school”
- Merit Scholarship
- Ranking: 8th/100

Degree in Sales Techniques
La Rochelle, France - September 2007- June 2009

- Work on the institutional project: manage the corporate
communication of the school
- Minor : Marketing
- Ranking : 13th/126

Computer skills

Adobe Photodeluxe
Microsoft Office

Centers of interest

Passionated in Marketing
Playing Badminton

Community life

Members of the association Erasmus Life
Organizing events for the exchange student in

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