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Ministry of Education

‫ أول‬/ ‫ع‬.‫] ث‬32[

General Secondary Education Certificate Examination, 1021
[First Stage – First Session]
First Foreign Language: English】 1 【
] ‫) ] اإلنـجـلـيـزيـة‬1( ‫الـلـغـة األجـنـبـيـة األولــى‬
】 ‫【 األسئلة فى أربع صفحبت‬

Time: 3 Hours

.‫ اإلجابات المكررة عن أسئلة االختيار من متعدد لن تقدر ويتم تقدير اإلجابة األولى فقط‬: ‫تنبيه مهم‬

A– Language Functions
1) Respond to each of the following situations:
[4 marks]
1- You can't hear what the teacher is saying.
2- Someone asks your advice how he/she can get through the exams.
3- An old man can't cross the street. You offer to help him.
4- Someone says the conference was very fruitful. You disagree.
2) Say where each of the following mini-dialogues takes place and
who the speakers are:
[4 marks]
1- A: I'd like to extend my stay for another month.
Place: ………..…
B: OK. Can I see your passport?
Speaker A: …..…
A: Of course. Here you are.
Speaker B: …..…
2- A: Just drop me off here. How much do you want?
B: Ten pounds on the meter.

Place: ………..…
Speaker A: …..…
Speaker B: …..…

B– Vocabulary & Structure
3) Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
[8 marks]
1- She …………..to contact her mother for a long time now.
a) had tried
b) tries
c) tried
d) has been trying
2- In cold open areas, people …………..a fire in order to keep warm.
a) do
b) practice
c) make
d) exert
3- Aly started spending a lot of money. He ………. to do that.
a) didn't use
b) uses
c) used
d) doesn't use
4- Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Crete is the largest Greek …………..
a) plateau
b) island
c) summit
d) land
5- It is …………….. that wolves were hunted in Sinai 0333 years ago.
a) thinking
b) thought
c) think
d) be thought
】 ‫【 بقية األسئلة فى الصفحة الثانية‬


‫ أول‬/ ‫ع‬.‫] ث‬32[ ‫تابـع‬

6- Egypt's grain ……….. has increased since 1332.
a) outcome
b) result
c) yield
d) harvest
7- Those are the kids ………….. father immigrated to America.
a) whose
b) who's
c) who
d) which
8- To get everything settled for the meeting, tell me when you …………. .
a) get
b) seek
c) reach
d) arrive
9- Mr. Tarek works ………. Misr Bank as an accountant.
a) on
b) about
c) for
d) from
11- Her ………….. is to join the Faculty of Law.
a) attention
b) intention
c) tension
d) attentive
11- ……… she went to the club, she would enjoy her time.
a) Because of
b) Unless
c) Although d) If
12- The lazy are of no ………………. They only daydream.
a) ambition
b) admission
c) ambitious d) admiration
13- The more effort you make, the ………….marks you will get.
a) highest
b) higher
c) least
d) less
14- International sports can …………… both individuals and countries.
a) afford
b) admire
c) distribute d) benefit
15- They'd never met me before, ……………. they?
a) would
b) hadn't
c) had
d) did
16- People could …………. diseases from those who carry germs.
a) hold
b) receive
c) take
d) catch
4) Find the mistake in each of the following sentences, then write
them correctly:
1- The news concern her operation was very positive.
2- The flight was late because of the atmosphere conditions.
3- We signed a three-years contract with this company.
4- The beauty of nature disturbs romantic people.
5- She has been very hard working for her childhood.
6- My flat was very comfort.
】 ‫【 بقية األسئلة فى الصفحة الثالثة‬

[6 marks]


‫ أول‬/ ‫ع‬.‫] ث‬32[ ‫تابـع‬

C– Reading
5) Read the following passage, then answer the questions: [5 marks]
The web is quickly becoming an essential part of our world nowadays.
To get acquainted to this unimaginative and unlimited area, you can
consider the following facts: Of the approximately 936 billion people
worldwide, over two billion have internet access. By 1320, one out of every
seven people on the planet will have a facebook account. Clearly, the web is
widely used, and its vast resources have yet to be fully utilized, especially in
the field of education.
Teachers can exploit online resources for two purposes: To adopt
classroom - based experiences or to replace such experiences by other ones.
Recent research has shown that students who took some part of a course
online performed better than those who took the course in a traditional
classroom. It also indicates that those taught using a combination of online
and classroom education did better than those who received education
using only one of the two methods.
A. Answer the following questions:
1- According to recent research, which type of students can do better?
2- How can we realise the great effect of the Web on people nowadays?
3- What does the underlined It refer to?
B. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- The word "exploit" in the second paragraph means ........................ .
a) reuse
b) abuse
c) make use
d) misuse
5- The best title for this passage is: ……………………………
a) Education b) Trade
c) Internet Usages d) Making Websites
6) Read the following passage, then answer the questions: [5 marks]
The Statue of Liberty's official name is "Liberty Enlightening the World".
France gave the statue to America as a sign of friendship. It stands 63
meters from base to top. The idea to build the copper statue, called Lady
Liberty began in 2691. Fredric Bartholdi, the French sculptor was asked to
design the statue. He started with a live model and created a small version.
The main stumbling block was how to finance the operation. The other
American states refused to financially participate – based on the idea that
the statue would be erected in New York and that only the New Yorkers
were to provide the expenses. That made some wealthy Frenchmen carry
such a burden. Eventually, the statue was delivered to New York Harbor in
2661 in 013 pieces. This took four months to put them together. Then, the
statue was dedicated in 2669 by president Grover Cleveland.
】 ‫【 بقية األسئلة فى الصفحة الرابعة‬


‫ أول‬/ ‫ع‬.‫] ث‬32[ ‫تابـع‬

A. Answer the following questions:
1- Why did France give the statue to America?
2- What does the underlined "them" refer to?
3- What was the main problem that faced setting up the statue?
B. Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:
4- Grover Cleveland was a …………………………. at that time.
a) sculptor
b) designer
c) maker
d) governor
5- Lady Liberty represents …………. .
a) slavery
b) freedom
c) injustice
d) fear
7) The Spiders
[7 marks]
A. Answer the following questions:
1- Why were the small spiders able to bite Ayman?
2- The antivenom of a certain spider doesn't work against the venom of
a different spider. Explain.
B. Read the following quotation, then answer the questions:
'' Protective clothing," ''We got it from the fire department."
1- Who said these words? To whom?
2- How were the protective clothes useful for the team?
C. Complete the following sentences:
1- In Sinai, the helicopter couldn’t get to the cars because of ………….….
2- The ancient Egyptians proved to be clever at medicine as ……………
D– Writing
8) Write a letter in about 111 words: to your pen friend Jack giving him
information about: the best places to visit in Egypt, the weather and the
Egyptian traditions. Your name is Ahmed.
[6 marks]
9) Translation
[5 marks]
A. Translate into Arabic:
Egypt has always been known as the "Birth Place of Civilization" due to its
long and rich history. Currently, we are to restore our glories to catch up
with the progress achieved in developed countries.
B. Translate into English:
. ‫ لقد أحدثت اكتشافات واختراعات العلم تغييرات كبيرة فى حياتنا‬-1
. ‫ علينـا جميعا ً أن نعمل بجد لزيـادة اإلنتـاج وتحقيق االكتفـاء الذاتى‬-2
】 ‫【 انتـهـت األســئـلـة‬

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