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–– DECEMBRE 2012 ––
Ho ho ho… ok, no, I am not
Santa Claus, sorry to
disappoint you. But that should
be fun to be him, I mean, he
works one day per year, makes
everything he gives in China,
so he is probably a square
billionaire and has the sweetest
ride in town… Anyway back to
the editorial. Who would have
guessed? More pages for this
issue and probably more
nonsense along with it, but
hey, if everything wasn’t
nonsense, every other thing
would be somehow dull, but
that’s just my point of view. So
what have we got here? A
remarkable interview of an
international star, event
briefings, a trip back in Time,
a useful guide to survive the
thing that would make the
zombie apocalypse cry, a
planetary requested recipe and
a comic strip, and deals, I
almost forgot to mention the
deals. Also, have a great
It is this Time of year again.
December. There are,
surprisingly, not so many
things happening in any
December, well, not important
things, well, not planetary wide
important things. There was of
course, or will be or… are,
really it depends when you are.
There is contrastingly a lot of
partying in December. No but
really, there are. There are
birthdays, anniversaries,
f a y r e s …
y o u
name it. (Turn to Page 8)
Please do not litter.


Parce qu’au Club, nous sommes fiers de la réussite de nos membres, une
interview d’Alexandre, bassiste du groupe Shiko Shiko – dont le succès
se traduit entre autres par d’impressionnantes tournées nationales, mais
aussi internationales ! –, oui, décidément, une telle interview s’imposait.
En exclusivité, l’Angellier Time est donc allé cueillir ses propos pour
une rencontre résolument décalée, mais qui vous apprendra sans doute
plus sur son humour et son esprit que les articles des grandes presses
aux questions timorées, consensuelles et parfois inintéressantes. Voici
les réponses aux questions que vous n’avez jamais osé lui poser.
Alexandre, picassotuningdu62 te demande
« Est-ce que tu sais jouer Jeux interdits ? »
-A la basse, c’est compliqué.
julienV voudrait savoir « Is the guy who
created the Marshall plan the same as the
Marshall guy amplifiers? »
-C’est pas le même parce qu’ils sont morts
à des dates différentes.
Arras-forevers-wesh te demande « Tu
connais l’application piano-chat ? »
-Oui, je connais même piano-pet et pianorot, et je pense qu’ils auraient dû trier les
sons de chats selon les différentes races
lolilol voudrait savoir « Does it smell under the wrestling mask? And
don’t your hair scratch much underneath? Do you really do the wrestling
Mister the Shiko Shiko? »
-Le plus dur c’est la transpiration, non en fait, c’est quand tu n’as pas
l’occasion de te laver pendant trois jours, ça créé une nouvelle forme de
vie à même la peau, personnellement je trouve ça grisant. Je préfère
que les gens ne voient pas l’homme derrière le masque mais qu’ils
voient le trublion devant eux. Oui, le trublion, c’est le bon mot.
(Turn to Page 3)
The icicles are melting. STOP. A huge party is coming. STOP. Get
ready everybody. STOP.



I got a Chêvre-miel !

It was a feast. Without any turkey maybe, although there was
some chicken, but a feast nonetheless. The Thanksgiving Dinner
was a very nice reunion indeed, for the unlimited number of
Flam’s that could be ordered - as long as appetite was up - as for
the participants - long-time-no-see honour members, short-timeno-see members and old friends -. There was laughter, really
strange laughter (plural), and discoveries. Did you know that some
people drink water in an upside-down glass? Well, they do. But
that is not handy at all, at least for every other person. It was also
learned that cheesecake is a serious business and that is should
not under any circumstances be chemical.
Anyway, all went very well and after dessert, the company - or
what was left of it - went for a drink in an Irish pub before going
to bed, different beds obviously, then again... Shame there wasn’t
more new faces gathering around the tables.



This month, we have not one, not
even two but more than three event
thingies to entertain you. Because
yes, we are that nice.
There will be a lottery organized
with three wonderful prizes to win
(the winners will be announced
during the Christmas party). And
due to popular demand we are glad
to tell you that there will be yet an
other Pancake Day in December, so
keep alert for the delicious smell of
pancake and maple syrup coming up
from the Club. There is also,
according to our sources, some plan
for, what is being designated as
Dancing Lessons. Officials have yet
to comment upon those rumours,
but to this day, they are still not
Oh and there will be some mistletoe
hanging from the ceiling, not that it
is needed for some to kiss in the
Club if the tweeting bird is right.

Dear readers, you are warmly
invited to Claire Payne Christmas
Concert on December the 6th at
6p.m. in front of Amphi F and G
(batiment B).

Christmas Eve not being a
good date for a party with
friends - although we can
wonder why not? - the Club
Christmas party will take
place on the 19th of
December, same place as
usual ( Le Tcha-Tcha, rue
Solférino, Lille) and also at
the same time (8.30 p.m.).
It will be a magical night,
principally because it is the
theme, Magic, but also
because well the Club
parties are always magical.
So make sure you come by
and say hello!

Would you like to know more?

The Forum des associations held on
the 14th of November, was, at least for
the Club Angellier, a small success.
Although there was less activity around
their stand than last year, the smell of
bacon, scrambled eggs and baked
beans, not to forget the one of
pancakes and colourful French
pancakes of the LGBT team, sharing
the space, attracted people near the
stand, the quality of it being free was
also a good asset. All in all, the day
was considered no time loose.



Representative Elected
Arthur Cadez has been
December Board Meeting.
actions and presence.

linguist4life te demande « Could you please
analyse the predicative relationship of the phrase
« Shiko Shio » so as to inform our linguist
readers? »
-Euh… euh… et toi, tu pourrais analyser et me
faire un mémoire sur l’hypero-hyponymisme et
après on en reparle.

dangereux. D’ailleurs, les pros se tatent à ce

crazytuesday voudrait savoir « When is the
featuring with Katy Perry? »
-Dans les tiroirs mais on a perdu la clef. On a
fait croire à un des membres du groupe qu’il
l’avait mangée (la clef et Katy Perry : la

boucledor te demande « Est-ce que tu peux ne pas
te tripoter les cheveux pendant 24 heures ? »

NPDC-love te demande « Is Garfunkel your
dad? »
-Euh, techniquement, non, parce que c’est lui qui
était en dessous, mais capillairement j’en tire une
grande satisfaction personnelle. Tahiti Bob était
dans le coup aussi !
philo-suffer te demande « What is the meaning of
life, according to you? »
-Le sens de la vie, c’est essayer de ne pas pourrir
celle des autres. Pour l’instant je n’ai pas réussi.


tout’in’ho’deuch’terril : « How’s your relation with
the band Skip the Use? »
-Elle est pas terrible cette question.
JCousteauFan te demande « Isn’t playing the bass
a bit dangerous since your fingers might get
ripped off by its scales? »
-C’est bien de mettre les doigts là où c’est

Brace yourself. A new year is
coming. And the Club is ready.
With a all new dashing
calendar made by the Club for
its beloved members.
Now don’t get your hopes up,
it won’t be like Les Dieux du
Stade , well, maybe a little,
maybe more than a little. But
still don’t get your hopes up,
it’s only us on glossy paper, we
are not going to come out of
the picture, I think.
Anyway, stay aler t f or i ts
release, somewhere in January,
but if you want to take a pick,
you can always volunteer to be
in one of the picture… just
k i d d i n g ,
o r
n o t .
We will keep you posted!

Chuchita te pose la question « Que penses-tu que
ta présence apporte au Club ? »
-Une brise de fraîcheur sur un champ de
coquelicots écarlates ?

-(Il se tripote les cheveux en guise de réponse)

Jean-Michel J. te demande « All your fans are
waiting for an unplugged showcase, when will you
fulfill their demands? »
-On peut faire sa première partie s’il veut, mais
seulement s’il joue unplugged également !
The-oncoming-doctor voudrait ton avis sur « Pro
or con the bad treatment inflicted to Wile-E.
Coyote in his fight for survival? »
-La question principale que nous posent Coyote
et Beep-Beep est la même que le galeux qui se
philosophiquement très profond et qui devrait
tous nous servir de modèle et de source
d’inspiration : Coyote continue de poursuivre son
but même si ça lui fait mal ; il est l’exemple
même, que dis-je ?, le héros de la philosophie de
la déraison.
Et pour finir, le Petit Charly qui habite dans le
Val d’Oise voudrait savoir « Is it true that chicks
show their tits in your concerts? »
-Une fois, mais c’était ma mère.

It has once again been brought
to our attention that people,
who we hope will recognize
tendency to confuse the Club
house with a garbage disposal.
Well it is not. Manners do exist
and are necessary to a certain
point. You will be well advised
from now on to refrain
yourselves from littering the
place otherwise we will have no
other option but to deny you
access to the Club house. In
order to avoid that, here is a
reminder: Cans, food garbage,
plastic and many other things
are to go in the Union-Jack
trashcan, papers go into the
black one. When you use



cutlery, please wash it afterward
and you will do the same if you
use the microwave. Also if you
spilt coffee, there is a mop that
you can use to clean it up.
We do hope this message is
clear enough.
by THE C.A.



In The Memory Of Bernard Escarbelt

Bernard Escarbelt in 2006

Sad news for the Club Angellier,
students of Lille 3, and the research
community as a whole... Bernard
professor of Angellier, died last month.
We would like, through this small
article, to honour his memory.
Though he had been retired for about
three years, Professor Escarbelt still
had his office in the department and
he still came frequently to the
university, essentially for research. Not
only was he a brilliant professor and
researcher in Irish literature and
civilisation, he was also a devoted
member of the university and a very
good person. He was very much
Laboratory of Irish Research at the

University of Lille (he once was its
President). He had several other
administrative positions, among which
provisional Head of the English
department, Head of the department
of French for international students,
and cultural manager at Lille 3.
His former students acknowledge that
he was available and gentle. He was
also involved in the political life of the
city of Sainghin-en-Weppes. On a more
personal note, Bernard Escarbelt has
helped the Club Angellier several
times, and has faithfully supported our
events whenever he could. It is a great
loss for our English Society and we
shall remember him as we should.



How to Survive the Capes
If you read this, that certainly
means you are on a long study
road so you probably already
have been told about the Capes:
the Master's Showdown, The
Holy Grail, the Big Thing, The
Ragnarok, our own personal
Vietnam-War (if I make too
much of it just tell me...). May it
be a last minute ‚plan B‛ or a
long-thought career plan, you
never feel prepared enough for
it when D-Day comes. On a first
part we are going to see the...
wait a second... why am I
writing this as a commentary?!
My bad... Professional habits!
It's Tuesday morning... or still
the night, not sure of it (That
foggy head is too stuffed with
dates and literary references to
figure it out anyway).
Today is the day.
As I try to gather myself, I then
remember the advice given by a
dear friend who was in this
same situation a year ago ( I’d
wish to thank her by the way).
She told me ‚don’t forget your
ID card, your notification paper,
also don’t for get to dou ble
check your alarm clock and to
set your phone to wake you up
(Apparently, one of her friends
last year had an electric
breakdown problem which
prevented her to wake up at
time… the thing is she was
living about ten minutes from
the examination centre, that’s
b a d
k a r m a ! ) . ‛
She also insisted on the
necessity to fuel your brain for
5 hours of commentary, bringing
food is more than recommended
to cope with the hungrystomach call in the middle of a
reading. The ‚clip‛ sounds of
savouring sugary sodas. The
‚chomp‛ of crumbling crisps or
crunched candies. Thanks a lot
people for creating such a great
atmosphere for concentration,
freaking helpful. Let’s prefer a
plastic bottle of water and a
small pastry which won’t melt
on your copy, anyway you’ll

need to feed the machine at
some point.
The recommended survival kit
is also composed of a watch (a
big clock on the wall will help
you to stay alert in the room in
c a s e y o u w er e t o o b u s y t o
switch to winter time), tissues
(want to sneeze on your 3rd
part, right before the end of the
festivities?), pens ( don’t stare
like this, we had people who
forgot writing instruments for
the most important exam of the
year… it’s like being so nervous
you’d be able to come in
p yj am a s !) a nd effer vescent
tablets (that’s an extra… I didn’t
have to use any, it’s always
better when the head hurts a
bit). Finally, leaving earlier than
expected or having money for a
hypothetic taxi ride will prevent
any misadventure if the subway
doesn’t work. If Indiana Jones’s
plane broke down at the very
beginning it would have been
‚The Raiders Are Lost‛ rather
than the actual title. Anyway,
the wardens… I mean the
examiners, like to see people
there 30 minutes before the
curtain rise on the big show.
When you are in there, you try
to an alyse the examination
centre, it doesn’t look like any
other school for that it’s located
in a former chemical factory,
converted for the sake of
educative evaluation (a
factory… that’s quite a bit ironic
don’t you think?). You go
around, you try to familiarise
with the landmarks… it seems
bigger inside… and then you see
you are not the first one. People
are in a waiting room, friends
already there invite you to join
them in a ‚let’s keep positive‛
session (I felt relieved to see
t h a t I w a s n ’ t t h e o n l y o ne
joking around in the middle of
revision notes readers). Then a
big corridor, one of my close
friends used the image of the
Normandy landing assault of
WWII, that’s the spirit!
You take place, you wait, you
start to get stressed… I started

to get stressed. They should
propose a ‚Zen and
Concentration‛ UE6. Then as
any other examinations, phones
must be muted and put in you
bag (please for Buddha’s sake,
no vibrate settings!), you fill the
head of your copies in advance
as a smarty pants kid, you wait
kindly to uncover th e text.
Then, the time has come. On
your marks… get set… wait a
minute… I didn’t revise this!
Was it on the program? There’s
no program! Not even sure it is
civilisation OR literature in this
single text. Anyway, calm
down… everything is going to be
all right… let’s say it could be
more a methodology
examination in order to know if
you are able to compose on
anything with some genuine
elements. Let’s talk about it in
five hours for tonight we dine in
HELL! … maybe not tonight…
tomorrow there are Translation
and ‚Faits de Langues‛ exams.
Good luck!


Gather ‘round people! Gather
‘round! For Today, the Fair is
in town!
Jesters, Magicians, Knights,
Fair Damsels, Sword Fights,
Tale Telling, Pinkie Pies and
Games! So many games you will
not know what to play with. So
many games you will need a
spell to play them all. Never, on
any corner of this rounded
planet has there ever be so
many games in one place.
So gather ‘round the Club
Angellier on the 5th of
December, where La Taverne
Oubliée will host a game fest
from 3p.m. onwards. Comes see
the magic behind the games and
prepare to be amazed!

Be Kind Review


‚Partners In Film‛

No expectations
You can't always watch masterpieces, can you ?
Sometimes, an average movie is just what you
need. But it's always a pleasure to find a great
and surprising B-movie instead of a brainless and
dull cliché. Nothing pretentious. No over-intricate
plot. No visual flamboyance. Just a classic but
clev er stor y, and n ot hi n g f an cy abou t i t .
Jack the Reaper. An infamous murderer who has
inspired quite a bunch of movies. This one,
entitled The
Lodger, might not
be the best
adaptation, but I
enjoyed it much
more than I
expected. And
much more than
the poor Alan
M o o r e ' s
adaptation – well,
not so much of an
adaptation, rather
a massacre –
From Hell.
Set in a contemporary world, it deals with a
copycat of Jack the Reaper. Two narrative arcs
are developed in parallel : one, concerning a
couple renting a room to a mysterious lodger ;
t he ot her one f ol l ow s t he i n sp ect or w h o
investigates a killing spree in Los Angeles. And
they will ran into one-another at some point. But
you get interested in their little lives, and
emotionally connected through their personal
issues, and that's great, because it's done in an
interesting and unusual way.
In fact, it's not really a serial killer movie. Don't
expect too much graphic violence. This is
absolutely not the purpose of the film. Instead,
you can count on an uneasy atmosphere, well
rendered by the camera work and all the other
cinematographic devices, from the music to the
editing. In this regard, it can be considered more
like a psychological thriller with a strong
detective aspect. Horror, but neo-Gothic horror,
thus justifying the historical reference.
Concerning the actors, main characters are
played by Alfred Molina, Josh Duhamel, Simon
Baker and Hope Davis. We can also mention
Rachael Leigh Cook and Donal Logue. I guess
they're all pretty much decent in their own

respect. Well, it remains a Hollywood movie, but
overall, it's satisfying, and quite consistent.
Some aspects of the movie can be a bit clumsy,
but it is no big deal, because, on the other hand,
some of them are mastered well above the
average B-movie level. So that in the end, while
not being perfect, you come out with a quite
good impression of the film,
rather than focusing to its flaws.
So, once again, I wasn't expecting much from
this little movie, and I ended up being extremely
positive about it. There is a sense of quality and
honesty that transcends genres which can be
found in this film. Don't expect a masterpiece, it
is no Silence of the Lambs, but if it fails to thrill
you, I agree to fully refund
you. Or not.


Directed by:
David Ondaatje
- David Ondaatje
- Marie B. Lowndes
- Alfred Molina
- Hope Davis

Release date(s): 2009
Running time:
96 minutes
Country: USA
Language: English

This month there will be no Group-projection at
the Kino - not because we are disappointed with
the last one but because we found no film to go
and see -, instead here is a little selection of
films (from my very own film library) you might
very probably enjoy during a cold December. If
you are more Science-Fiction oriented, why not
give a shot to Bicentennial Man , Eternal
Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, The Man from
Earth, Kaboom or to Paul. Now if it’s romance
you are looking for, maybe Imagine Me and You,
Habitación en Roma, Cashback , My Blueberry
Nights or Love Actually will do. But of course if
you are very picky, you can always turn to Black
Swan, The Full Monty, Hot Fuzz, Glorious 39,
Zombieland , Ruby Sparks, Restless, Limitless,
Diary of the Dead , The King’s Speech or to
L ’ a u b e r g e
e s p a g n o l e .



The Book Watchers


‚Saying hello to the books we’ve read is like greeting old Friends‛

What a Carve Up!, Jonathan Coe
Titre français : Testament à l'anglaise
Année de parution : 1994

Pour une fois que je lis un
roman contemporain (dixhuit ans après, c'est toujours
contemporain, non ?) je me
devais de vous en toucher
un mot.
J'ai dévoré ce roman après
mes examens il y a deux
ans. Cinq cents pages, ni
plus, ni moins. Je dois bien
avouer que ce livre m'a dans
un premier temps été
recommandé par une amie :
« Oh il faut que tu lises ce livre, il parle de
Cocteau dedans, tu vas aimer ! » Je suis
démasquée. Et en effet, j'ai aimé ; et en effet,
première page : épigraphe extraite du script
d' Orphée , film auquel le narrateur principal,
Michael Owen, fera plusieurs fois référence au
cours du livre.
D'ailleurs, ce roman est avant tout écrit d'après un
film, dont des passages entiers sont issus et
revisités par les personnages du roman eux-mêmes
(et dont le roman emprunte le titre d’un film
réalisé en 1961). What a Carve Up! rend également
hommage à toute une série d'œuvres
cinématographiques, allant du documentaire
If you are looking for a good book to read
during your holidays, and if you have got trouble
sleeping at night, I got exactly what you need: a
book that will make your night go in the blink of
a eye! I devoured La vallée des disparus when I
was in first year in something like four or five
hours straight. It is from German author Bente
Porr (original title: Moriac - no, it had nothing to
do with any dwarf mine - ). I got to admit that I
read it in French, my German being not at all
like my English, but it didn’t look like a
translation, which is really good.
It starts like every other story, with some pals
and a lass from Germany going for a trip in the
south of early-twentieth century France, only to
get stranded there near what the locals
considered to be a haunted place. Thing is,
feelings are starting to appear where they
shouldn’t and legends aren’t so unreal after all…



consacré à Yuri Gargarine, en passant par les films
d'auteur français, aux James Bond, ainsi qu'aux
films de séries B et Z, auxquels la dernière partie
du roman fait écho de façon tout à fait remacabre.
S'il y avait un adjectif qui devait être choisi pour
qualifier What a Carve Up!, je dirais : « acide ».
Jonathan Coe nous livre pieds et poings liés le
Royaume-Uni et toutes ses failles, sur tout le
vingtième siècle et à propos de tous les principaux
domaines économico-politiques. Chaque rejeton
d'une riche famille aristocratique, les Winshaws,
est impliqué dans des activités peu louables – mais
dont ils n'ont pas honte, au contraire. Corruption
des médias avec Hilary, du monde de la banque
avec Thomas ou de la scène artistique avec
Roderick ; élevage sur-intensif de l'industrie agroalimentaire de Dorothy, trafic d'armes avec le
Moyen-Orient à la veille de la Guerre du Golfe par
Mark ou encore opportunisme politique par Henry,
sous le gouvernement de Mrs. Thatcher.
Le tout est amené par Michael Owen, donc,
écrivain de son état, employé par la tante Tabitha
Winshaw pour rédiger le livre "mémoire" de la
famille. Tabitha est enfermée depuis quelques
décennies dans un institut psychiatrique car elle
suspecte son frère Lawrence d'avoir assassiné leur
frère Godfrey (père de Hilary et
Michael Owen mène l'enquête.
Enquête qui le mènera évidemment bien plus loin
qu'il ne le pensait, le forçant même à se replonger
dans son propre passé. Michael est désormais
impliqué dans l'histoire de cette famille, mais
jusqu'où ?
Tour à tour drôle et émouvant, mêlant
intelligemment des renseignements pointus sur des
secteurs bien distincts, chaque donnée délivrée par
le livre est savamment pensée, tout est travaillé
pour ne former qu'une seule et unique unité où
tout se recoupe. What a Carve Up! est, en
conclusion, à la fois un roman qui nous tient en
haleine jusqu'à la dernière phrase, mais aussi un
texte qui réussit à nous faire réfléchir, par son
témoignage complet et acerbe, sur les réalités de la
société du siècle passé et d'aujourd'hui. Mes chers
amis anglicistes, lisez, que ce soit pour votre bon
plaisir ou pour votre culture britannique !


Want to read it? Go to a library
with those press-marks
BA : B COE 7 A6714
BU : 823 COE


Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey Stuff


there were also
dark hours.
December 7th
1941, Pearl
Harbor was
raided and
b o m bed b y J ap a n I mp er i al
Navy, which gave Roosevelt not Teddy, Franklin - a good
reason to enter WW2, which
was what he wanted to do for
some time, but his fellow
citizens, for once, didn’t want
to. But you should know that, I
was there when you heard it
during lecture, or was I?
Anyway it was a bloodbath - no
pun intended - more than two
thousand people were killed
during the attack, mostly
because it was a surprise attack
and also because, well, nobody
thought that anyone would have
been crazy enough to attack the
Pacific stronghold of the US.
And it didn’t turn out so well
for the Japanese either, they
wanted to prevent the US to
interfere with their doings in
the Pacific and got the opposite
But apart from that, and some
other events of the sort, it is
mostly nonviolent stuff
happening. Remember what
happened in Alabama back in

The Month Events

1955? Remember who stood-up
or r a t her s a t - d own a ga in st
Segregation? Yes indeed, Rosa
Parks, who stayed seated on the
1 st of December 1955, a tiny
voice against discrimination,
wasn’t that fantastic?
An other fantastic, different
kind of fantastic, thing occurred
twenty-four years earlier on the
31st, the first public
demonstration of the
incandescent lamp by my friend,
Thomas Edison took place in
Menlo Park - that was then that
he said : ‚We will make
electricity so cheap that only
the rich will burn candles‛.
And then, of course, there is
Christmas, which I hope you
know isn’t at all the day of the
birth of Jesus, but a
combin ati on of many older
celebrations, the first Christmas
was actually held in Rome in
the fifth century CE. Now I
love Christmas, all that Hope in
the air, thrilling. But let’s not
start on it, each time I spend
Christmas on a Human World,
something happens, something
bad usually. So, birthdays! 1904,
the great-and-still-alive architect
Oscar Niemeyer cried for the
first Time on the 15 th inst in
Rio. Which was fourteen days
and one hundred and eighty-six

‚Everything Comes at a Price‛

6th : Claire’s Christmas Concert
12th : Before the end of the world
Pancake Day


24th : Christmas Eve
25th : Christmas Day
31st : New Year’s Eve



Mr. Gold’s Small Ads

5th : La Taverne Oubliée
Afternoon at the Club

19th : Christmas Party at Le

years after Jeanne-Antoinette
Poisson saw the light - she
kisses delightfully, let me tell
you - , oh what a great life she
had , that Madame de
Pompadour, favourite of the
King of France, the fifteenth
Louis - really nice chap -.
Now, if you really don’t know
what to do or where to go even
when to go during the holidays,
may I advise you London,
between the 15th an d 19th
centuries, it depends of the year
but with a bit of luck, the Frost
Fair should already have started
- especially if you go in 1683 -.
The Thames frozen, jesters and
elephants walking on the ice,
even Liz I would tag along
s o m e t i m e s .

For Sale

Books: The
Hunger Games
T1 (Eng) ;
Candide (Fre) ;
Le Ravissement
de Lol V. Stein
(Fre) ; L'illusion
comique (Fre).
Contact the

----Lost Shadow
The size of a
small boy, has
a tendency to
fly around.
May try to
break things.
Contact Peter
if you see it.
----Looking for
Str ong hear t
for transplantation,

blood type
F or deliver y
g et i n t o uc h
with ne ar est
D o c t o r
Tea, coffee,
hot chocolate
and sodas.
From 30cts to
80 cts, be sure

t o
f i n d
something to
your tastes at
t h e C l u b


Alexiane’s Recipe
- 500g of flour
- 1 baking powder bag
- 4 eggs
- 1 vanilla sugar bag
-50g of melted butter

- Place in a bowl the flour and the baking powder.
Make a well in the middle and add the eggs.
- Pour the milk gradually while mixing the
- Add the vanilla sugar and the melted butter. Mix
- In a frying pan, pour half a ladle and let it cook for
about 30 seconds on each side of the pancake.

After that:
- Taste the warm pancakes with maple syrup.

If you desire to contribute
to the Angellier Times in
any way you want, send
a n
e - m a i l
t o
with your name and your
paper, picture or ad
a t t a c h e d .

Editor-in-Chief: Thomas Gérard
Contributors: Vianney Delespaux ; Julien "Spike" Empis ; Alexiane Genty ; François-Xavier ‚Feuzeu‛
Morseau ; Maxime Thomas (comicstrip) ; Fanny Van-Exaerde
Doctor Who and The TARDIS © BBC ; Mr. Gold © ABC ; Jack Skellington © Tim Burton ; The Janitor © Bill Lawrence

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