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Webmaster/Front-end developer
Phone : 0481 391 671
Nationality : French
Visa : Working-Holidays

Career objective :
I would like to apply and improve my editorial and technical skills, and to be a part of the evolution
of the Internet, which I am passionate about.

Profile :
I am an autodidact, working as a benevole for four years as the leader of a writing association
which expresses itself through a website I maintain, and expanding my own company for a few

Career summary :
Since september 2012
Since 2008
September – november 2009

Front-end developer
“Les Chemins de Traverse” Association
Leader, freelance journalist
Critic Bookshop

Skills summary:
Internet and computer skills :
Basic knowledge of Jquery and Javascript
I also have an extensive knowledge of CMS as Wordpress or Joomla, and work on different O.S.
(Linux and Windows)
French : Mother tongue
English : Fluent
Spanish: Basic knowledge

Professional experience :
Since May 2012

Web developper

Factor-E is a freelance business I just started, in order to build websites for small enterprises and
I have not provided professional websites yet. But I did realise some websites for particulars or
Key responsibilities :

Integration using CSS, HTML and Javascript
Front-end and backoffice development using PHP/MySQL
Search Engine Optimisation

Key achievements : for integration and backoffice developpement for every aspects except graphism
Coming soon : Factor-E's website at

Since 2008

Les Chemins de Traverse
Freelance journalist

“Les Chemins de Traverse” is an association leading writing workshops and sharing its vision of
litterature via a website (second link above).
Key responsibilities :

Leading workshops
Chief Editor for the association blog
Conducting interviews
Writing books critics

Key achievement :

Having been sponsored by authors who liked our job, like Lionel Davoust, Lucie Chenu,
Pierre Bordage !

September-November 2009

Critic Bookshop

Critic is a small bookshop which is specialist in science-fiction/fantasy books and comics.
Key responsibilities :

Welcoming people, taking orders, advising

Reception and storage of the books

Key achievement :

My boss wanted to offer me a real contract... I finally did not accept, which I sometimes

Other jobs :
August 2010 – May 2011 :

IGA Pierre Jobidon

May – August 2011 :

Shop Assistant

September 2009 – April 2010

GEFA Laboratories
Employee at the factory

October 2009


Education :
2010 – 2011 :

Webmastering Licence degree
Buroscope, Rennes

2005 – 2008 :

Litterature Licence degree.
Rennes II University

2003 – 2007 :

History of Art Master degree
Rennes II University

Activities and interests:
International car driving licence
Reading : love Stephen King, Neil Gaiman and Clive Barker, plus many french writing authors
Developing websites

Referees :
Olivier Hyron
Eric Marcelin
Librairie Critic
19, rue Hoche
35000 Rennes France
+33 223 202 498

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Aperçu du document Nathalie Georges - resume3.pdf - page 3/3

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