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The Handwritten Guide to Coin Making Introduction Welcome to my guide. Ive been trading for over 6 months now. At my peak, within 2 weeks of trading, I managed to turn 70,000 coins into 1.1 million. I was able to buy all my dream players as my fortune grew, and put together, literally, an Ultimate Team. I then began selling on eBay and from there grew to create I got to a stage where I was buying over 10m coins a day from different suppliers and selling them on. Now that there is a huge coin drought, I cant do this anymore. If you want to make coins like I used to do, you will need patience, dedication and a sharp eye for a bargain. The guide is split into 5 main sections: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Making coins with players (The best section. The one I use the most) Consumables Buying & Selling Strategies Other Methods of Coin Generation Thanks If you keep to the guide, learn from what you read, and apply your own intellect, you will be sure to be making hundreds of thousands within weeks, and even days for some. There is no such thing as player duplication, coin generators or any kind of easy coin making schemes. These are all mythical stories aimed at gullible punters by scammers trying to take advantage. You must work for your fortune, which in turn will make you appreciate it all the more. Enjoy and prosper! Making Coins through Players All players of all shapes, size and colour class can be traded for profit. What I like to do is select around 10 – 20 players, get familiar with their most recent market value, then repeatedly search through their auctions finding bargain prices. I chose just 10 – 20 players because by the time ive finished searching through all of them maybe around 20-30 minutes would have passed, by which time a whole new range of auctions could easily have appeared. The more frequently you revisit a particular players auction market, the more likely you are to find yourself a bargain! Set up as follows. Select a player range according to the size of your wealth. Roughly around 10%. If you have 50k, look for players around the 4 -5k mark, etc... You want to be trading a few at a time. You never want to put all your eggs in one basket unless you find a blindingly obvious bargain but it will slow down your cash flow. Either way, you must know the players current market price. To discover this, search for the players lowest Buy It Now price, then compare this with the next cheapest 3 - 4 or so options. The average of these cheapest 3 – 4 Buy it Now prices is the price that player will almost certainly sell for within a fair amount of time. You always want to try and sell your player for the cheapest price around so you can continue to use the money and profit to carry on buying and selling. Try to keep the cash tap flowing. When buying, bare in mind the 5% tax EA take. So make sure you are selling for a profit that exceeds this. Prices fluctuate, so be sure to re-check the players market values every couple of days. Also, when searching for players to buy, always use the “Current Price” search option and not the “Buy It Now”. This is because there will always be players that have been put up by people without a Buy It Now price, so they would not show up if you searched for the BIN. Finding the “It” card This is the card you have grown fond of as you have always been able to sell. For me it was Remy of Marseille in Ligue 1 and Doumbia, the Ivory Coast forward in the Russian League. Remy would ALWAYS sell for me at around 4,400 and I would regularly find him for around 2 – 3.5k. Similarly, with Doumbia, he would ALWAYS sell for me at around 5,500 and I would regularly pick him up for between 2.5 – 4.5k. Both players were found in auctions and buy it now. I made tens of thousands from trading them alone. I picked them in particular because they are fast, strong, have good finishing, and most importantly are cheap. So all people with a limited budget (which is the majority) would be trading them to improve their team. Pump and Dump This is a relatively well known method, and works pretty well if you have a lot of coins. This is where you buy up as many of one single player under a certain price that you can afford, and wait. By having around 20 of that player in your trade pile, there will be a slight market shortage, and simply down to the basics of supply and demand, prices will increase. As this happens, release the players back into the market one by one. Careful not to do all at once or you will once again saturate the market and just have wasted your time. Be careful with this method though. It can be risky if used incorrectly. I made some bad mistakes in my early days of trading. I bought a bunch of Thierry Henrys in the CAM position as I saw a load going under market price. Only after a day or so of them not selling did I realize he was actually going for cheaper in the CF and ST positions under the same formation. Live and learn! This method works particularly well with higher value players like informs etc as there will be less of them going around. New Players Method This method has the potential for huge profits. Every TOTW that comes out will bring in new players not many have heard of or seen. Therefore, during the first few days, no one will know the true market price, and so there can be huge differences between BINs and actual price. So keep an eye out for these bargains and take advantage of this market instability. Well Known Profit Making Methods 59th Minute Method – By setting your league, i.e The Premier League, and your maximum BIN price, you could scroll through all the pages until you get to the point where all the auctions are on the 59th minute, and wait around until you find a good deal. Because most auctions are only put up for 1 hour, the 59th minute is where you could find the best deals within seconds of them being put up. Some people are just ignorant to the value of some players, and for example I picked up a Sagna for just 900 BIN giving me a few thousand profit after tax. Beware though. As this method is so well known, you will have to partly rely on luck, and on your reaction speed to click on the “Buy Now” button before someone else does so first! Because of this you may end up wasting a lot of time on this method, which is why in my opinion, there are better alternatives. Discarding Gold Players - Regular gold player quick sell for around 300 and rare shinys quick sell for about 650. So as long as you can pick up these players on the market for below this, you can make a few coins at a time. Useful for those just starting out with few coins. Popular players – Try and buy players in the popular Premier League and Liga BBVA for around 350 – 400 coins. They will almost always sell for around 550 – 700 as they are more popular and always trading. Especially if they are from the more popular countries of England and Spain. This is particularly useful for those just starting out on UT as it’s a pretty sure fire way of making a steady profit. What Makes A Player Sell 1. Pace & Dribbling – These are the two most valuable stats on a player in the UT marketplace. Any player with higher pace and dribbling stats compared to another with the same rating will almost always be worth a lot more. EG Theo Walcott, rated 82, but with 96 pace, will always sell in the high thousands. 2. Liga BBVA and Premier League - These are the two most popular leagues, because they have most of the worlds best players. Followed by a second tier of Ligue 1, Serie A and Bundesliga. Therefore prices will generally be higher, and players will sell better. Therefore I recommend you stick to these leagues unless you spot any obvious niches in the market. 3. Formation – The 3 best formations are 41212/442/433. Players with these formations will generally sell for more, with the 41212 players selling for the most. Take advantage of this knowledge and search for the people that put up players with these formations for the same. 4. Country – Many people try to get 100 chemistry by getting players from the same country. Therefore players from obscure countries wont sell as well. Obscure Methods Few People Know About 433 CDMs – There is no CDM position in the 433 formation, and so players in this position and formation are worthless to people trying to build a team, leading to lower prices for these cards. Even if you change to an inferior position like a 532, people are more likely to show interest as it can slot straight into their team. 2 Accounts – For this method you’ll need 2 EA accounts, and a lot of patience, but this can guarantee around 10 – 15k profit per hour. For this to work, start by putting up 20 – 30 bronze players on your main account, for at least 12 hours each. Make sure they have a unique start price and BIN so you can find them easily. Next, sign out and sign back in on your 2nd and new account. When you start up Ultimate Team for the first time, you should get your initial bronze pack with your 23 squad players, and usually 2 – 3 contracts, of which one is usually silver. Discard everything except the silver item and send to your trade pile. This should leave you with around 400 coins. Next, find one of the bronze players you put up through your main account and make a trade offer for all your remaining coins + the silver item. The whole process takes a few minutes. Next, delete your team and start again. Create a new Ultimate Team and repeat the process until you have made trade offers with all the bronze players you put up through the main account. Finally, sign out and sign back in the main account and accept all the trade offers. This should leave you with around 8 – 12k coins depending on how many you got done, + 20 – 30 silver items, which go for around 200 coins each. Therefore, after however long it took, you should have 8 – 12k coins + 4 – 6k value in silver items, leaving you with around 12 – 18k profit. Allthough this method can be very tedious and time consuming, its one of the best ways for beginners to get the kick off they need to make coins quickly and begin serious trading. Making Coins with Consumables Contracts, Healing, Player Attributes and Fitness – These were all great methods of making money in FIFA 11 but because so many people are playing this year, and so many have started trading in these items, all the prices have plummeted. You can only make 50 -100 coins on most of these items at a time, so to be honest, your time is better spent elsewhere. Kits and Badges – Again, this is a pretty worthless market. The few kits to look out for though are the Kaiser Chiefs kit and the Seattle Sounders FC kit because they are sponsored by XBOX. These kits can go for a couple of thousand coins, so keep an eye out for a bargain. The badges that tend to sell well are the animal badges, as some weird players think it makes them look hard or something. Overall, you don’t need to waste your time in this particular market. Formations – This can be a great market to make coins in. Spend some time in here and get to learn the market, the formations and at what prices they tend to trade. I cant say exactly because It changes all the time. In my peak, I would win certain formations in auctions and through buy nows, and sell on for crazy profits. A lot of the best deals I found were dead in the middle of the British night. Around 1AM – 7AM. Yes its late, but money never sleeps! Some examples: 41212 – I would buy any for up to 8,000 knowing I could easily sell at 9,600+ which = 1,170 profit each time due to EA tax of 5% on the sale. So as not to tie up too much of my free cash, Id try to buy closer to 5,000. 442/433 – Id buy for up to 3,500 and easily sell on for 4,400 BIN and sometimes 5,000 BIN depending on the current state of the market 4312 – Would generally go for anywhere around 1,800 and above, so Id buy for 1,200 and sell on. I never bothered learning about the rest of the formations, because like with the player method from the beginning, I had a select few I learnt about and specialized in which increased my efficiency in buying, selling and finding the best deals. Feel free to experiment. Buying and Selling Strategies Buying 1. Always bid on an auction item at the point when there are 15 seconds left to go. This is the last point in which the auction time will not increase from a new bid. If a new bid is put in after the 15 second point, the time will reset back to around 15 seconds or just below. Your aim should be to get in and get out asap, so ensure you put your bids in before that 15 second point so you don’t waste any time. 2. If you get out bid on an item, immediately bid back. This will show you are serious about acquiring the item and can sometimes put the other bidder off. Also, sometimes, if you are lucky, the other bidder will have a few items he is bidding on and watching at once. So by bidding back immediately, you may sometimes do so without him realizing as he has gone to quickly check up on the other items. If after a small back and fourth bidding war, start to wait till the last second to put a new bid in. Again, if you are lucky, you can win the auction by testing the other bidders patience, or if he has other items he needs to worry about, youll be wasting his time to the point where he leaves to tend these other items. Experiment with your own techniques and strategies too. 3. Consequently, never begin an auction war by bidding at the last second. This can sometime wind up the other bidder if done too early, and out of spite and anger make them want to win the auction even more, thus almost definitely driving up the price. 4. Always set yourself a maximum price your willing to go to. Anything over, and you are eating into your profit. Plus, you don’t want to waste any time. Once the threshold is met, pack up and move on to the next one. Time management is another key to efficient growth of your wealth. 5. Most of the time, auctions that begin with a start price of 150 are a waste of time. Because the start price is so low, many buyers will show an interest, add to watch list, and all battle it out in the last few seconds of the auction. More often than not, the price will go higher than you are willing to pay. Instead find the auctions with mid range start prices. For example, when I was trading formations. If I saw a 442 with a start price of 150 and no BIN, I wouldn’t even bother bidding. But when I found one with a start price of 2500 and no BIN, I licked my lips. More often these auctions will go more unnoticed by the larger crowds as they are all taken in by the auctions starting on 150. Look out for these. Of course you may still get a bidding contest, but in the long run, the odds are on your side. 6. If there are two cards in a row, both with low start prices, then add both to your watch list and focus more on the second card. The first one will most of the time generate the greater interest, so the second will have less bidders competing for it. This works better with 3 cards in a row, and better with 4…. Etc… 7. Sometimes, in a bidding war, its handy to bid a couple of times in a row to give the illusion there is more competition than your opposition had hoped for, which can quickly help them lose interest in the card as they know it will be harder to get a good price. You must be tactical about this though. Don’t just bid a few times in a row without thinking about it. Make it look realistic. Do one immediately, then wait a few seconds then another, then again immediately, then wait… etc.. Im sure youll work out a good pattern that works for you. 8. When you’re the first bidder on an auction, always bid a small amount over the start price. This will give people the impression that a few people have already started bidding on the item and have it in their watch list, which in turn can sometimes deter any new bidders from bothering to get involved as they know there is less chance of getting a good price. Selling 1. Start your auctions with a low start price, preferably 150, as this will generate the most interest, and spark a bidding frenzy in the last few seconds. Make sure your auctions end at peak times. Usually around 8 – 12PM GMT when most of Britain is on UT and all the Americans are out from school. This way you can be sure more buyers will be likely to find and bid on your item. 2. If you want to sell via Buy it Now, which I recommend, so you can get your money quicker and use to continue trading, then research the BINs of your item like I described in the beginning of this doc. As I said, try to always be the cheapest around so your items sell quickly and you can re invest your cash. Subsequently, make sure you’ve bought at a cheap enough price to sell at a cheap price but still make profit! 3. If your lucky enough to enter a market where all the prices are very high and you know will not sell, a lot of buyers will be pissed off there are no good prices for this item. So if you were to put one up for auction, they will all fight over it and drive the price up. 4. Never put up an item with the start price equal to the average price. This will not attract many bidders. I would just stick to selling through Buy it Nows. I hardly ever use Auctions to be honest. Other Ways of Making Monies Packs Many can spend thousands of coins, many MS points and even hundreds of real pounds on buying packs and getting left with muck all! The chances of getting an awesome player in a pack are very remote (although after 6 packs I got a blue 94 TOTS Ibrahimovic!!!  HAHA! But that was EXTREMELY lucky). But don’t worry, there are ways to make the most out of packs. Bronze Packs - This is quite a well known method. You can buy bronze packs for 400 coins, and because the cheapest anything can sell on the market for is 150 by auction and 200 Buy It Now, means you can offload all the contents of the pack at a profit. Sometimes you could even get the odd silver item worth 200 – 250. So your profit by the end could be around 700 – 900. Be patient as it can take these items a while to sell sometimes. Always put up for 1 hour and relist so they are always near the front for people to see and buy. Silver Packs – Dont bother with these. Very little profit to be made here. Waste of time in my opinion. Gold Packs – The potential losses in here can be huge. Id say, unless your filthy stinking rich, never ever spend coins on these packs, only ever real money or MS points. The chances of getting a Ronaldo, Messi or inform player are hugely against you. But If you can afford it, although I really don’t encourage it, id say its ok to occasionally go ahead and have a gamble every now and again. Overall, the Bronze packs are the safest way to make your money, but the Gold packs have the higher rewards. Anyway as I said, save your coins! They are highly valuable! What time should you buy Well between 4pm when all the Brits are coming out of school and 4am when the Americans are starting to think about going to bed, will be the busiest times. And especially during the weekends. So you want to aim to do your trading from the early hours of the morning and throughout the day when you can find the best bargains with fewer bidding opponents to worry about!


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