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Job Title:

Senior Customer Service Representative /Team Leader


Abu Dhabi


12 Months


Basic - Bachelor of Business Administration (Management)


Any Nationality

Industry Type:

Telecom / ISP

Functional Area:


Job Description

Email To :
Tél : 212524392662
Contact : Mr Adil

To work in individually or lead and manage a team of CSRs,
ensuring that quality standards and service levels are met
Demonstrate high level of proficiency in attending to
incoming calls/ message/ e-mails at the assigned desk; handles
inquiries / complaints/ fault reports/ service requests including
non-routine/ complex ones with minimal guidance and
supervisory support. Responds to follow up and seeks
feedback from customers/ callers and interfaces with
concerned sections/Division/ Unit/ clients organizations as
required. Companies with the prescribed policies, operating
procedures & quality standards to ensure optimum
satisfaction of all customers & callers.
Attend to shift duties as assigned in order to ensure
continuity in contact Centre service operations. Exhibits tact,
diplomacy and courtesy when dealing with or addressing all
customers’ call/inquiries. Coaches and supports trainees and
new staff in the contact centre routines and reports/reviews
the progress/ concerns with superior.
Submits and follows up on reports and statistics as required.
In short Manage, support, motivates, coach and trains their
assigned teams. Raise the level of their team productivity,
motivation level, knowledge and overall effectiveness,
efficiency, productivity and quality. Build inspiring team goals,
work on achieving them. Be part of their teams. Work on
making them happy to provide exceptional customer
experience. Work on discovering their team hidden talents.

Desired Candidate Profile
Minimum Job Know-How Requirements
Academic and Professional Qualifications:
• Bachelor’s Degree required (Business, Statistics, or
related areas). Equivalent business experience will be
• At least two to three year’s related experience in the call
center environment; operations, volume management
and/ or real-time management.
• Analytical and Organized and good ability to interpret
data reports.
• Ability to write, comprehend , converse and
communicate in English as well as Arabic.
• Good communication, appraisal and motivation skills.
• Leadership skills experience in a Contact Centre

Customer focused with a pro-active approach to
customer service.
Able to grasp and explain business processes and
business rules.

Related Experience

3+ years in handling customer queries and complaints.
4+ years contact centre service industry experience.
Skilled at setting and implementing strategic direction.
Knowledge of call center technology.
Experience in people / team management of 3-5 years, in
24 hour/ 7 day rota shift pattern contact center.
Strong people management skills: ability to communicate
effectively , relationship and team building, personal
understanding, empowerment and coaching. Hi9gh level
of customer focus, flexibility, resilience
Self-control; Good planning and time management skills.

Skills / Competencies:

Pleasant and courteous speaking ability
Behavior skills – tactful, diploma & patient with
High interpersonal skills i.e. defuse conflict
Ability to work under pressure.
Team oriented
Enjoy competition and challenges
Strong customer centered focus
Proficiency in PC skills.
Effective time management skills with the ability to multitask in a fast pace dynamic environment.
Ability to meet tight deadlines Strong written and verbal
communication skills and interpersonal skills
Good decision making ability and ability to problem solve
effectively and an independent worker.
Ability to coordinate workloads with peers and
subordinates and obtains results through leadership and
team building.
Flexible and a team player; Must be flexible to work
evenings and weekends.
Solid understanding of performance management &
coaching techniques.

Performance Measurements:
Successful performance in this job can be measured
through the following indices:
• Immediate supervisor’s satisfaction with customer
services provided to customers.
• Team members satisfaction (360 degrees assessment)
• Resolving issues
• Managing the floor & service level
• Performance in terms of punctuality and meeting
contact center KPIs and Service level.

Email To :
Tél : 212524392662
Contact : Mr Adil

• Team members adherence
• Working towards deadlines
• Improving team members performance, productivity,
quality of service
• Leadership skills and team management
• Quality Improvements
• Performance in terms of maintenance of data and
• Meeting & achieving team goals First call resolution
Alerting management to issues.

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