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Standard General Medical Services Contract (17th September 2009)

1. The following terms and phrases shall have the following meanings for
the purposes of this Contract:

“1990 Act” means the National Health Service and Community Care Act

“2003 Order” means the General and Specialist Medical Practice
(Education, Training and Qualifications) Order 2003;

“accredited service provider” has the meaning given to it by regulation 2
of the Out of Hours Regulations;

“the Act” means the National Health Service Act 1977;

“additional services” means one or more of(a) cervical screening services;
(b) contraceptive services;
(c) vaccinations and immunisations;
(d) childhood vaccinations and immunisations;
(e) child health surveillance services;
(f) maternity medical services; and
(g) minor surgery;

persons who are entitled to a GMS Contract and, where such entitlement exists, this Order
specifies particular requirements as to the terms of the GMS Contract to be entered into.
2 Part 1 is not required by the Regulations, but is recommended.