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Standard General Medical Services Contract (17th September 2009)

“adjudicator” means the Secretary of State or a person or persons appointed
by the Secretary of State under section 4(5) of the 1990 Act or paragraph
101(5) of Schedule 6 to the Regulations;

“advanced electronic signature” means an electronic signature which is—
(a) uniquely linked to the signatory,
(b) capable of identifying the signatory,
(c) created using means that the signatory can maintain under
his sole control, and
(d) linked to the data to which it relates in such a manner that
any subsequent change of data is detectable;

“appliance” means an appliance which is included in a list for the time
being approved by the Secretary of State for the purposes of section 41 of the

“approved medical practice” has the same meaning as in section 11 of the
Medical Act 1983;

“armed forces GP” means a medical practitioner who is employed on a
contract of service by the Ministry of Defence, whether or not as a member
of the United Kingdom Armed Forces of Her Majesty;

“assessment panel” means a committee or sub-committee of a Primary
Care Trust (other than the PCT) appointed to exercise functions under
paragraphs 31 and 35 of Schedule 6 to the Regulations;

“bank holiday” means any day that is specified or proclaimed as a bank
holiday in England and Wales pursuant to section 1 of the Banking and
Financial Dealings Act 1971;