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H. R. 1540—2
Sec. 132. Limitations on use of funds to retire B–1 bomber aircraft.
Sec. 133. Limitation on retirement of U–2 aircraft.
Sec. 134. Availability of fiscal year 2011 funds for research and development relating to the B–2 bomber aircraft.
Sec. 135. Availability of fiscal year 2011 funds to support alternative options for extremely high frequency terminal Increment 1 program of record.
Sec. 136. Procurement of advanced extremely high frequency satellites.
Subtitle E—Joint and Multiservice Matters
Sec. 141. Limitation on availability of funds for acquisition of joint tactical radio
Sec. 142. Limitation on availability of funds for Aviation Foreign Internal Defense
Sec. 143. F–35 Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.
Sec. 144. Additional oversight requirements for the undersea mobility acquisition
program of the United States Special Operations Command.
Sec. 145. Inclusion of information on approved Combat Mission Requirements in
quarterly reports on use of Combat Mission Requirement funds.
Sec. 146. Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System aircraft re-engining program.
Sec. 147. Authority for exchange with United Kingdom of specified F–35 Lightning
II Joint Strike Fighter aircraft.
Sec. 148. Report on probationary period in development of short take-off, vertical
landing variant of the Joint Strike Fighter.
Sec. 149. Report on plan to implement Weapon Systems Acquisition Reform Act of
2009 measures within the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft program.
Subtitle A—Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 201. Authorization of appropriations.
Subtitle B—Program Requirements, Restrictions, and Limitations
Sec. 211. Limitation on availability of funds for the ground combat vehicle program.
Sec. 212. Limitation on the individual carbine program.
Sec. 213. Limitation on availability of funds for Future Unmanned Carrier-based
Strike System.
Sec. 214. Limitation on availability of funds for amphibious assault vehicles of the
Marine Corps.
Sec. 215. Limitation on obligation of funds for the F–35 Lightning II aircraft program.
Sec. 216. Limitation on use of funds for Increment 2 of B–2 bomber aircraft extremely high frequency satellite communications program.
Sec. 217. Limitation on availability of funds for the Joint Space Operations Center
management system.
Sec. 218. Limitation on availability of funds for wireless innovation fund.
Sec. 219. Prohibition on delegation of budgeting authority for certain research and
educational programs.
Sec. 220. Designation of main propulsion turbomachinery of the next-generation
long-range strike bomber aircraft as major subprogram.
Sec. 221. Designation of electromagnetic aircraft launch system development and
procurement program as major subprogram.
Sec. 222. Advanced rotorcraft flight research and development.
Sec. 223. Preservation and storage of certain property related to F136 propulsion
Subtitle C—Missile Defense Programs
Sec. 231. Acquisition accountability reports on the ballistic missile defense system.
Sec. 232. Comptroller General review and assessment of missile defense acquisition
Sec. 233. Homeland defense hedging policy and strategy.
Sec. 234. Ground-based midcourse defense program.
Sec. 235. Limitation on availability of funds for the medium extended air defense
Sec. 236. Sense of Congress regarding ballistic missile defense training.
Subtitle D—Reports
Sec. 241. Extension of requirements for biennial roadmap and annual review and
certification on funding for development of hypersonics.
Sec. 242. Report and cost assessment of options for Ohio-class replacement ballistic
missile submarine.