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H. R. 1540—4
Sec. 346. Study on United States force posture in the United States Pacific Command area of responsibility.
Sec. 347. Study on overseas basing presence of United States forces.
Sec. 348. Inclusion of assessment of joint military training and force allocations in
quadrennial defense review and national military strategy.
Sec. 349. Modification of report on procurement of military working dogs.
Subtitle F—Limitations and Extension of Authority
Sec. 351. Adoption of military working dog by family of deceased or seriously
wounded member of the Armed Forces who was the dog’s handler.
Sec. 352. Prohibition on expansion of the Air Force food transformation initiative.
Sec. 353. Designation and limitation on obligation and expenditure of funds for the
migration of Army enterprise email services.
Sec. 354. One-year extension of pilot program for availability of working-capital
funds to Army for certain product improvements.
Subtitle G—Other Matters
Sec. 361. Commercial sale of small arms ammunition and small arms ammunition
components in excess of military requirements, and fired cartridge
Sec. 362. Comptroller General review of space-available travel on military aircraft.
Sec. 363. Authority to provide information for maritime safety of forces and hydrographic support.
Sec. 364. Deposit of reimbursed funds under reciprocal fire protection agreements.
Sec. 365. Clarification of the airlift service definitions relative to the Civil Reserve
Air Fleet.
Sec. 366. Ratemaking procedures for Civil Reserve Air Fleet contracts.
Sec. 367. Policy on Active Shooter Training for certain law enforcement personnel.
Sec. 368. Procurement of tents or other temporary structures.
Subtitle A—Active Forces
Sec. 401. End strengths for active forces.
Sec. 402. Revision in permanent active duty end strength minimum levels.


Subtitle B—Reserve Forces
End strengths for Selected Reserve.
End strengths for Reserves on active duty in support of the reserves.
End strengths for military technicians (dual status).
Fiscal year 2012 limitation on number of non-dual status technicians.
Maximum number of reserve personnel authorized to be on active duty
for operational support.

Subtitle C—Authorization of Appropriations
Sec. 421. Military personnel.
Sec. 501.
Sec. 502.
Sec. 503.
Sec. 504.

Subtitle A—Officer Personnel Policy Generally
Increase in authorized strengths for Marine Corps officers on active duty
in grades of major, lieutenant colonel, and colonel.
General officer and flag officer reform.
National Defense University outplacement waiver.
Voluntary retirement incentive matters.

Subtitle B—Reserve Component Management
Sec. 511. Leadership of National Guard Bureau.
Sec. 512. Membership of the Chief of the National Guard Bureau on the Joint
Chiefs of Staff.
Sec. 513. Modification of time in which preseparation counseling must be provided
to reserve component members being demobilized.
Sec. 514. Clarification of applicability of authority for deferral of mandatory separation of military technicians (dual status) until age 60.
Sec. 515. Authority to order Army Reserve, Navy Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve,
and Air Force Reserve to active duty to provide assistance in response
to a major disaster or emergency.
Sec. 516. Authority for order to active duty of units of the Selected Reserve for
preplanned missions in support of the combatant commands.
Sec. 517. Modification of eligibility for consideration for promotion for reserve officers employed as military technicians (dual status).